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  1. [Check it out!] We have just changed our requirements to 2200 from 2300 to allow more people to join us! Check us out :D.
  2. While using on Divination can save a good deal of time and some may not like fishing, I'd reccomend using them on one of your expensive buyable skills. 96 Prayer and 89 Con, Two very expensive skills to train - They may be fast XP/Hour but factor in the cash it takes and the amount you'd save using on those instead. I'd be more inclined to say Divination if you were 90+ since at that point the huge lamp saves almost an hour of training per each lamp used but it just wouldn't make sense at 76.
  3. 'Deific' Clan Chat | http://deific-rs.org | #deific on SwiftIRC Welcome to the *work in progess* Recruitment thread of Deific! Who are we? We are a group of experienced players looking to recreate the glory that skilling clans once had. The day of many higher level skill clans roaming has come and gone - Even clans that many of us were once a part of are but a memory in todays day and age. Our Leadership Dilbert26 Erehk Jellin Sste Our Requirements 2200+ Overall Active on RuneScape What do we offer? We offer a nice variety of events and wars as well as an active community to be a part of! We have at minimum 1 skill war per month with additional wars based on demand for them. Previous wars have included incentives ranging from special ranks on our forums to GP! Still reading? Then check out our private forums for more information at Deific-rs.org !
  4. I think that is caused by your text/icon size being set to a larger than normal setting. Try changing that back to the normal size and see if that fixes the issues. Also, Adam, This is our support forum :P.
  5. Looks like I have found a new home ;)
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