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  1. Wow, that's a lot of things that need updating :\ I've been trying to go through fixing these, but Jagex always change something. I'll work on fixing all these tonight, and hopefully Stridor is able to patch through an update for them. So hopefully it's all fixed soon :) I believe the main reasons quests show up as "Blah blah, The" or whatever is due to that's how they were in game and on the A-Log. But they can be changed to make sorting easier. Edit: Most quests have been updated and changed to make sorting easier. "Doric's quest" was replaced by "What's Mine is Yours", The quest center focus's on RS3 Quests, not oldschool I think. "Missing, Presumed Death", the are no Quest requirements for this quest, only recommendations, which aren't added in.
  2. Hi, This message pops up on the RuneScape site when you don't have Java Installed. Under the Download Client button, there should be a little text box saying 'Advanced Users' click that to be directed to the Java download page. After installing Java, it should work fine :)
  3. Mfgdjyb

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    Thanks for the heads up. I'll be making the changes to the database asap :)
  4. The price checker in Swiftkit uses the Grand Exchange feature on the rs website. Since there's no G.E in OSRS it just loads up RS3 prices.
  5. Happy birthday! :D

  6. Try running SwiftKit as an administrator. Try reinstalling the program As a temporary solution try the follow: Set the screenshot path to a flashdrive that you are able to read/write files too.
  7. Could you do the permissions test also?
  8. Do you have permission to write to that folder? Also can you please post the output of diagnostics? (Help > Diagnostics)
  9. We may be looking into this, but no guarantees as some of the quests have been removed, and many existing ones have been given different rewards as to what they were in 07.
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