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  1. They just dropped the cash out value considerably, Armadyl chestplate is still around 4.8m. I believe some lucky items had cash out values greater than the GE value of the standard versions due to the crashing of GWD armour recently. Yes, they used to cash out for 5M, seems that fun is over..
  2. That wouldn't help, as it is for his ironman account ;) Ill see what i can accomplish :-)
  3. chaos dwarf mostly auto attack you, in big numbers. That is why you probally take a chunk of damage. i would suggest getting your levels up just a bit, if you are in need of a dragon pickaxe i will try to get one from the dwarfs, but i can take some time as i have to work quite a lot lately. (feel free to send me a message on RS when im there).
  4. You guys make me weep :-( i only have bad luck haha. (FYI, just started playing again).
  5. Some information would be helpfull. What part of the clue are you struggeling with, What level clue would be nice to know to.
  6. Working fine now :) Thanks for the quick fix
  7. Since this morning my swiftkit wont start anymore, it opens and gives me a notification that a patch has been downloaded (Patch downloaded, swiftkit needs to restart for it to take effect) and restarts... but it just comes up with the same message over and over again... Any ideas?
  8. I use Subjugation with a armadyl battlestaff as off slayer gear, i quite like it.
  9. its supposed to do "overtime" damage, but i havent tested it myself. There are still monsters that drop antipoison.
  10. Depending on how much your cash stack is, i would keep the crimsons and blue at all times (use them after you reach lvl ~70) I would agree that summoning is quite expensive unless you gather the ingredients yourself.
  11. Ah, awsome Jayc3399 helped me out already Thanks for the amazing quick reply :D
  12. So, my poncho and legs are at 50% and dieing (hehe), and im not even near 98 crafting, is there someone on here who might assist me with the repair? I have plenty of ganodermic flakes, needle and thread.
  13. nuget


    i doubt the price will go up much further, they were being sold for 16M about a week ago, but its going down since.
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