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  1. *waves* This is weird. I had a sudden urge to come to scapeboard and lo and behold I see all you people. Just seeing you post sent me a wave of nostalgia over me. I can't believe how long its been since the runescape days..Now if only I could remember my RS password.
  2. Of course you may :P I thought seeing as though you made some terrascapes you'd understand the work put into making these. There aren't any gradients and only 1 significant lens flare in there, everything else took a lot of time. I think there are around 50 layers on this one, not including the planet which took another 20ish and a lot of work. But thanks for the crit anyway. Hi Nad :) and thanks
  3. Haven't been here in a while, decided to pop in and throw out some recent work, (first thing I really made in over a year). It's Spaceart, so it's something a bit different from the pixels everywhere (jesus christ, pixels just won't go away will they? I thought it was just a trend but man, it's here to stay.) http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/45198290/ if it doesn't work. Im rusty on the spaceart, so don't be too harsh on the criticism. The other stuff on the deviantart are pretty old, so don't base me on those. Hopefully I'll see some familiar faces, comments and criticism appreciated :).
  4. Ah, the days of powerfishing I think this was apart of a 7-day long runescape party dreal and myself organized a while ago Fire Airsignlibra's going away party? Bunch of people there Oergg got the kill (KBD trip) me, oergg, topaz, swtkittn, Fireart (me and dreal) Fireart again (me and dreal) Fireart The rumored RS2 graphics which was really just something made by someone in Runevillage I think Bronze war, I lost :(
  5. Not a fan of this one-- Typography needs work, seems like you tried too hard for the red text/lower casing the r (it works with some words, others it doesn't, IMO this is one that doesn't work). This is probably just a personal issue but when it comes to these types of abstracts, I like them bigger because you get to see the finer detail in the render/brushing. The small size limits that effect on the art, and from the piece as a whole. The background, not sure if it's just because it's small, but the random brushed texture on the top doesn't match the bottom. I think it would've been better to just leave it a gradient background and maybe some linework if you wanted to get that effect to take away from the simplicity. Brushing as a whole seems too random, really doesn't have that flow that many of the better renditions of this type of style contain; however I do like the render and its shine. The thing about brushing is that it all needs to go together; has to be smooth, I can't really explain it in words but I think you know what I'm talking about. Aside from that, it's an okay piece, but I know you have the potential to do something a lot better.
  6. Hi people, long time no see >.> Was bored today so decided to see what was going on around here, apparently, pixel craze is still going on (jeez it's been like what? a year and a half?) and most of the same people are around. For anyone who was wondering (probably no one :P) I left here cause I decided to concentrate on school and stuff, quit RS and so being here seemed kinda useless to me. Ever since I've left, I really let go of the whole computer graphics/sigmaking thing, so I haven't really made much in the last year and whatever it's been since I quit. Anyways, a friend of mine decided to get into graphics, and so I felt like doing it to, and hence I feel like making stuff, landscapes in particular. If anyone wants a sig, post what they want on it and whatnot, I'll try my best to make it, no guarantees though ;). If you decide to ask for one, please use it for at least 2 weeks, as a sig alone, not in a rotator, and give credit under the sig. I appreciate it. Anyways, how's everyone been?
  7. Seems this is dead, I'll sell sig 1, 2, and 6 to those who bid for them, add me in game RSN: Kingrazo for payment. The other 3 sigs I'll keep for later because they didn't reach a price i was happy with. Thanks :)
  8. Pixel sigs seem to be the new trend, but I am not much of a trend follower nor a pixel sig maker, so I tried to make a new piece of a style. I used my usual abstract sig style and added a landscape blend to it. I haven't seen this style used very often, but it seems pretty cool, and I might start making more sigs like this :). Comments and Criticism accepted. EDIT: Since people are saying they can't see the landscape much, I made another version making it more visible. Another Edit: Here is it without the landscape since most of you don't like it :P
  9. I'll end the auction once I get bids that i am satisfied with for all the sigs. As of now, I am content with the bids on sigs 1 2 and 6, although I would hope to get more for 3 4 and 5, 5 especially because I like it a lot myself and wouldn't mind using it later :P
  10. Anymore offers? :|, I used photoshop and bryce on them for the person that asked :)
  11. (1) Bid: 400k (Burningbman) (2) Bid: 100k (Martian007) (3) Bid: 30k (4) Bid: 30k (Dark Claw) (5) Bid: 50k (Peter) (6) Bid: 50k (Peter) These are sigs that I've made for people (usually contests) that don't win, or the contest was abandoned, or simply I made it and it was just lying around. Bid on each accordingly, increments of 5k if you want to bid higher than someone else. Thanks in advanced, I'll add more sigs in if I make new ones or find older ones I haven't sold or used yet.
  12. Fooling around on photoshop trying to get a new look on a sig. Went for a fiery scheme, should I use this one or keep the current? Comments and crit are welcome
  13. Here's my try Tell me if you need any changes.
  14. I'll enter a landscape soon enough :)
  15. well if you love them so much, mayb you should go back Constructive Criticism Is taken very well as long as You offer an alternative or a recommendation on what they should change or fix Not everyone is a great sig maker and When the produce a quality piece of work which they are proud of you do not put them down because others make betta I really don't mind his comment, it just shows me his taste in abstracts. I have used the program for one day, so I obviously am a novice compared to V4, who has used it a lot longer than I have. Anyways, thanks for the crit, I am not much of a background guy, smaller pieces are easier for me :P
  16. http://www.deviantart.com/view/9162945/
  17. Great sigs you've got there :) I like your style, try entering some competitions you're bound to win many.
  18. I'll try to make a 3d Weapon for you, but I suck at them, so don't expect something amazing :P
  19. Made a quick entry.. tell me if you need any changes.
  20. You said you liked it when I entered your other competition, so I guess I'll just enter it in again since I never sold it.
  21. Try poser. LOL? I did, if you want to see it tell me, I'll put it on here :roll: Foosh: Remember me? Iluvsaro...Used to chop together :D I believe poser is a program, he wasn't trying to insult you :)
  22. Yeah I made it originally for Jammy, then he decided he didn't want it anymore, so I tried putting it on auction in which I didn't get a bid i was satisfied with, so I am just gonna keep it. This always happens, seems to be a tie with every sig I make >.<. Thanks for comments.
  23. ^^ New one ^^ Old/Current Say which you think I should use and why. Thanks.
  24. PM Lan Hikari, he's very very good :).
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