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  1. Ah man well Welcome back anyways. (You need to check back on a few people you need to *hit with a fish* etc. Thanks, I'm glad to be back. I already did a 'catch up' read of the thread when I first came back. The last person to mess it up already got called out on their error, so no action is actually needed from me. :P And I can't believe that it went on for a few pages when it did. I didn't notice you were gone, but no offense cause I wasn't here either. haha Welcome back either way. :shades: 21,813
  2. 30,000 - 8,141 = 21,859 how did we get so far off? edit, i found it: Tsk tsk Melos, and shame on the others for not noticing.
  3. 4 is rather hungry this week.. it's wiping out all the rest of the numbers. ahhh! 23,485
  4. Enemies inside DG count, so if you can, start up a hard mode floor for a lot of max combat credit for this challenge.
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