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    Sex, Snogging my boyfriend, Nina Ricci Perfume.

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    Dungeoneering F2P
  1. Free-to-Play Dungeoneering Clan 60+ Needed Combat Dungeoneer Requirements: 60+ Dungeoneering. 70+ Strength or 80+ Ranged. 60+ Defence and 50+ Attack. Minimum of 70 Combat. 60+ Constitution. Skiller Requirements: 70+ Cooking (To Cook fish/food for combatants). 70+ Runecrafting (To open the Runecrafting doors). 70+ Woodcutting (To Open the woodcutting doors if f2p and if p2p then for making bows). 70+ Mining (To obtain Fractite Ore to smith into fractite armour to help combatant kill the boss and high level monsters). 70+ Fishing (To obtain Fish to cook to stock Combatants for boss fight). 50+ Smithing ( To Make Full Fractite For Combatants). How To Apply: Add "opticgeneral" the owner. She is always on world 7 either Dungeoneering or training. If you meet the requirments she will invite you or another member of the clan will invite you to join the clan if you have met the required statistics. Extra Information: Beware! If you are in the clan you will be banned if you bully or discourage a member of the clan, instantly.
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