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  1. Ahaha thanks! I didn't even notice I got that after him :) Also, been doing some barb fishing with the suit. I am averaging 123k/hr only with a 6% avatar and granite lobster bonus + urns. I believe with the whopper scrimshaw and a legendary call of the see you could expect 140k, and RAF on top of that.
  2. JD is only one thats for sure on that list because, well, so close right now. After that it get's kind of blurry. If Roger Al has gp and can somehow farm like crazy he can get up there. But don't forget that he'll most definitely have to run agility laps - he can't do it loselessly from this point which will add time. Personally I think if Success can make his gp fast enough, that he can get ahead of Kingz and Roger. Success just tossed down a huge weekend/month and will be putting in the same hours till 5.2b. I also know he's pulling out all the stops to get to 5.2b before many of the people above him. You're probably better off seeing Almostlost up there than Cfarm and kingz as well. AL has bought bxp for RC and Div, and he also has all the bxp needed for fish... In essence that's not a ton left. I agree though, will be interesting to see how the top 10 will fill out.
  3. Lol this discussion makes me sick... People who play a lot of rs are no lifers because they are not directly effecting or increasing their means in 'real life'. Something with which I agree. People in the professional world are in the real world and therefore their 'no lifing' as you called it, directly affects their means of life. You cannot compare someone who is working 12 hours at a real life job and then going home and making dinner and then sleeping 4-6 hours to someone who sits in front of a computer for 12 hours+ gaining virtual exp/gp. Reading half the posts about this topic on this thread make me cringe inside because of the fact that people actually think RS is a way of life and that it is respectable because you are doing what you like. Everyone who no lifes RS is sacrificing IRL no matter what the situation. You tell me someone who gains 300m exp a month is respected or actually achieves something outside of RS? I'd probably not believe that. You cannot defend or deem runescape no lifing as either a way of life, or a respected decision regardless of what personal opinions are on the matter. But don't worry, I respect drumgun for playing rs for 16 hour/day 10 years and to jebroom on his 20 hour/day month!
  4. Honestly it's hard for me to gain an understanding of what it was for me. I was an elite athlete in a very demanding sport for a number of years. For me it was a determination and a fascination to improve and to see improvement. Every day I went out and did my training, but I also considered myself a 24 hour athlete - I made sure I made all the right decisions every day in order to achieve my goal which was the Olympics. Sport was an addiction for me, that I am most sure of, but I also loved the sport and what I did. My mental strategy wasn't really a strategy, of course you need to think of the best way to achieve your goal but for me it was just about getting to where I wanted to go. I felt very strongly about what I wanted to do and I would stop at nothing to get there.
  5. Huge congrats to Drumgun on finally achieving his goal. Honestly, out of anyone who could have done it, I am most happy to see him atop the top of the highscores with that perfect looking 5,200,000,000 exp. Well done and way to persevere!
  6. He most certainly will... I hope! Also, looks like Forsberg888 is closing in pretty fast on 200m all as well. His fish rates must be pretty exceptional and close to 22 hours day some days. Also looks like he will have to actually mine for 200m mining, my best guess is that he will LRC with Sh boots for agility exp - I'm not sure how much they activate there, though. He could ultimately do some Bard fishing with Sh boots so that he doesn't have to run laps because he still has a substantial amount of agility left.
  7. Congrats to Roger Al on 200m prayer this week :)
  8. You must take into consideration that warbanding one skill takes 128 hours, but it's also 1.5 years of daily warbands. So, if you decide to do 5.2b, you will need to prioritize warbands because if you play 18 hours per day you don't have the luxury to warband each skill... also, how about the 20b gp and 2k hours of PVM (minimum) for 200m all buyables. As much as 516 days at 18 hours/day sounds easy, there is much more needed.
  9. Honestly, if I had the gp I would most likely try to lend you some, but unfortunately I have to borrow gp myself just to be able do my enlightenment aura :( Also, he has quite a bit of combat exp, surely everything gives charms. He could have easily done range and def at Daggs for 450 crims/hour. What do you think inspector Kr?
  10. No, one player would earn 2.4 Attack OR Strength exp FOR 1 Slayer exp. So 200m slayer all ATT/STR = 480M ATT/STR exp. 10% of all Slayer exp (20M) is done with mage and range, so 10M slayer/24m Magic, 10M slayer/24M range. Therefore if perfect, 200m slayer gets you 200m ATT 200m STR 24M range 24m mage + 32m in Def from left over melee exp. Overall, slayer is : 1 slay exp : 2.4 combat exp Keep in mind that it is not guarenteed that Celestials and Kalgerions are 10% of all tasks, I am merely assuming. This does not include any cannon, either.
  11. That's not the best model to use. Slayer : Attack/Strength is 1 : 2.4 . Ideally, you get 200m att/str from slayer + some. Celestial dragons are range, Kalgerion demons are mage and both are good slay exp. I'm not sure on the % of tasks those represent. Maybe 10% of all tasks and probably 1 : 2.5 (mage/range).
  12. Are you using shared exp for slayer? I don't get your slayer combat rates. Especially the mage/range because ideally, you should not mage slayer because of glacors, and the range exp is very minimal from a cannon + no one ranges tasks. It is definitely more than 84k attack or strength per hour, as well. Please try to describe it a little better :)
  13. Mage is 660k/hr and defence is 660k/hr, range is 360k/hr. And I would still not use vinesweeper as the farm exp. It really skew's people's numbers, and TBH, no one will do vinesweeper. Also, I do not think you should use cooking in your calculator. With rocktails at 400k exp/hr, not many will justify spending 2bil doing wines.
  14. Fletch:theive is about 320k:300k doing traders. To finish thieve it is 300k/hr. Agility should be 0 hours ideally. Firemaking still takes about 2 minutes/day. Fishing:woodcutting C2 is 80k:120k together, and once done woodcutting, fishing is 140k. Slay:Prayer is very minimal same with slay:Herb, I'm not sure exactly. Mage and defense should both be the same.
  15. Definitely no bonus exp in a calculator, we can't assume everyone has it, or doesn't. I personally think that vinesweeper should not be used as a default. Keep it at tree runs in my opinion. People can easily opt out and do WBS for farming with tree runs for 600k/day. The vinesweeper just skews some people's results like no xpwaste, Roger Al, and Bizarrely - people who can have 1,500 hours taken off their calcs. Considering we will have a new skill and what not, we can expect at least another 1,000 hours added, and for most people on that list, 100 additional days to farm.
  16. Geel is the most realistic one at the moment I think. Jake is barely gaining, Jdela has a lot of slow stuff left.
  17. Grats Drumgun on 200m agility! As for the list of who bought spins, Geel and Drumgun bought a few spins for the divination outfit, that is all. I'm friends with Geel and he is quite against everyone buying spins. He did it because Drumgun did, and was still in the race for first to 200m divination. He took a serious break after that of a few months. I believe that is the only time he has bought spins. I would not include him on the same list as some of the others, considering the minimal he bought, whereas some bought 100m Div exp. Your list of non spin buyers is pretty accurate, except Pieter, who bought enough bonus exp in Divination for 200m, but he used the instant exp on agility. The biggest abusers of spins have been Dragonseance, Alkan, and Forsberg888. My hat is off to someone like My Kingz who is arguably the richest on the front page, but hasn't budged on his stance against buying spins.
  18. Thanks for the update :)! Also, congrats to Roger Al on 200m dungeoneering! Dailyscape has finally done it.
  19. Grats to Forsberg888 on 200m smithing and 5b overall, grats to Geel on 200m slayer and strength!
  20. @ Guy0ne106 Forsberg888 and Geel do matter. It's you who doesn't. @ Licert1 I actually doubt that Forsberg888 has the bonus in mining. I feel that would have been a last priority for him as well as most top players. But, he can surprise us at any time really. Also, the mining method you speak of is over 240k/hr average, upwards to 300k/hr if lucky. Forrberg's fishing rate was a little inflated I believe because he was trying to set a new weekly record, not sure if he can keep that up for 40 days. @Hedgehog, I totally missed Roger Al's farming exp, that really is the defining skill if he wants to achieve 200m all in a timely manner. Also for your calculators, you can probably change the mining exp/hr (non warbands to 240k from Geysers unless I am missing something and people go LRC). Also, smithing is bordering 400k/hr with forges ATM. Considering you used wines for your cooking rate, I'm sure you can use the forges rate? If not, smithing R2Hs is roughly 275k/hr. Putting Farming at a rate of 64,000 exp/hr is quite low, I am not familiar with what is possible in an hour of just tree runs but I have seen numbers ranging around 1.5m/hr (don't quote me on that).
  21. Drumgun is a different player than SUOMI, he will not burn out, and he wouldn't stop short. He is not quite as upset with Jagex as Suomi was. Also, looks as though Geel is closing in on 200m slayer and strength which we can expect late this week. It seems like he has been left out of the conversation as of late for 200m all, but realistically I can see him being the 3rd person to reach 200m all, behind Drumgun and Forsberg888 respectively. Another guy out there who can seriously challenge for a top 5 spot to 200m all is Roger Al, it seems as though he does have gp in the bank. We can expect 200m prayer soon and surely if he has the means, some other 200m buyables. I would love to see some guys like no xpwaste or Bizarrely crack the front page sometime soon, those guys deserve a little recognition and are in the same boat as Roger Al with big exps in slower skills. Surely some GP would do their ranks some good :)
  22. I spoke with Roger Al a few days before he got 200m Div and asked about his plans. He does have 200m prayer banked, and he will be doing Heist after prayer. I did not go as far as to ask how much GP he has because that would be rude.
  23. Uncalled for and rude. On topic, looks as though a lot of top pagers really took this SC in stride, lot's of bonus gains have been made. I was personally just in a game myself and Jacmob popped up... he didn't mention any bans or such, and I doubt this should warrant bans or BXP rollbacks. Drumgun has stopped just short of 200m smithing, surely for effigy exp. Also Roger Al should be 200m divination tomorrow. I'm guessing we will see 5.2b by Drumgun relatively soon. And for others who are quite a bit under 5b overall, it seems as though half the skills aren't worth training at the moment and to wait and see what Elf city brings. We already have confirmed end-game pickpoteking which should surely out-do Traders, my best guess would be more end-game bordering material and experience/hr.
  24. Every time I try to open my client I get a pop up saying the jagexlauncher[Caution: Executable File] has failed... I've uninstalled and reinstalled the client multiple times and it hasn't done anything. Would love some help, Thanks, Swarlly
  25. Congratulations to Drumgun on rank 1, been a long time coming. Well deserved.
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