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  1. All of those prices are like half of what it is on the GE, good luck. The GE has it marked right around 12 - 13m but sometimes things on GE go for a lot cheaper then what they're posted for but I think that pricing is pretty accurate lol
  2. Sweet thanks for the help appreciate it
  3. So I'm lookin' to train some Herblore and have noticed how much the lil boogers go for on the GE, outrageously expensive some of them are... I have been growing ones that I can with Farming but the whole waiting an hour and fifteen minutes doesn't really pull in that much often, gotta play the waiting game with Farming : / I was wondering, if anybody has found a good method, what is the best way to get herbs quickly besides Farming..?? If there's some monsters that drop mid-level herbs a lot that would be awesome, but I'm not sure which monsters have the best drop rate. I'm looking for Herbs anywhere from level 35 - 50, my Herblore is 41. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  4. So I am Combat Level 122 now, have been training on some level 96 Ogres just south of Yanille. Trying to find some monsters that give a little better experience, wondering if anyone can help me out and give me some advice on what to train on for Combat Levels 120 - 140? Is there any monsters that give exceptionally good experience for the level that they're at and not be too difficult to kill?
  5. Fish Flingers is 100% the best way to get fishing experience, it's according to your fishing level on how much you get. You get 10 Tickets daily to do it so there's quite a bit of experience to be had in 1 day even. After each round you get points to spend on stuff and if your looking for the fastest experience you may want to spend those points on the fishing outfit that you can buy cause that gives you bonus xp each time you catch a fish or get any xp in fishing. It's pretty cool, I'm working on getting that outfit now, it even looks cool so that's pro lol Also I dunno if this would count towards it but you can try activating the "Festive Aura" that everybody got, it gives you a 50% XP Bonus so you could get 1 and 1/2 XP when doing that, I don't know if it works but it's worth a try, it would def be worth it lol
  6. Yes! Do all the dailies you can, if a daily pops up and it's one you would like to do, do it lol They give AWESOME rewards and you can get A LOT of experience sometimes depending on what the daily has you doing. The Task System is also pretty beneficial cause you can get special gear that helps you out a lot while your doing skills in that area where you got the reward from, like the Headband in Seer's Village. Opening the "Notice Board" on Runescape will give you all the information for the tasks, dailies, and also all your quests. Burthorpe is where you can turn the dailies in that you do but keep the items that you create during the dailies because you have to turn them into the guy that gives u the reward, he's the "Imperial Quartermaster", located just a tad bit south of the Burthorpe Lodestone so he's easy to find. I make a good portion of gold from farming herbs and some sell for anywhere btwn 1 - 5k each, and cutting Yew Logs also are good money, only bad thing is it's a little boring lol Also takes some time and patience : /
  7. Cool thank you all for the replies, I appreciate the help. Sounds like you get a lot of charms from Slayer lol : ) thanks again
  8. So I noticed that Summoning Charms are not trade-able and that in most cases the only way to get them is by monster drops... My question if any1 has found this out is, what are the best monsters to kill that have the highest drop rate for different colored charms, mainly looking for Green and Crimson Charms, also Gold. I've gone around and tried finding which ones drop the most and haven't had any luck at all really : / Some will drop occasionally and others won't drop any at all when it says they do drop them in the Beastiary so it's hard to tell and I'm kinda lost on which monsters to farm for charms... So if any1 has found out about the drop rate on monsters for some charms I would greatly appreciate some help with this issue.
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