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  1. Drowns made some C2 Fishing and Woodcutting videos earlier this year. http://youtu.be/wBqz5lrVGW8 and http://youtu.be/zdTSkgzelDY http://www.youtube.com/user/DR0WNS
  2. My guess is that Luke got banned for RWT.
  3. Give an update on xp rollback, bank rollback etc once you get unbanned.
  4. How much do you have at the moment? I would say flipping items while traning other skills is an ok money maker. And do herb runs, it adds up.
  5. Fishy's time is over. Apple FC is dead regardless of what others tell you. Lucky D (Bolt) is trying his best but we all know that his Fc is dead. Being a wealthy staker is not enough to run a good clan and get good bets.
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