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  1. Penance is very handy. If it was me, I'd get that. I saw that I would be getting another 23k points in less than a month so I got the supreme reverence (because I wanted it a lot) now and will get penance in less than a month.
  2. Well Auras didn't change at all. I have 112,600 points, which is enough to get to supreme reverence. Should I buy that or get vampyrism and penance? I pvm.
  3. oldschool RS' average population is up over 50% recently (10k to 16k). Don't really know what I'm trying to say but there you go. Runescape has a fairly large base of hardcore, dedicated players such as myself. It would take something dramatic to get many of us to quit permanently.
  4. I really like this new skill. It feels very classic runescape to me, with it being right along the lines of mining woodcutting, and fishing. I am excited to see what the second new skill will do with divine energy.
  5. I agree that F2P was responsible for runescapes past success. I played F2P and lusted for a membership for about a year. I'm not really sure how they can change it without just turning old unused p2p content over to f2p. Like give them kq, kbd, and barrows.
  6. I play runescape in phases. I play until I'm bored with the RS style of game play and then I take a break for other types of games (skyrim, half-life). I accepted a while ago that I'm a gamer for life, so pouring hours into RS aren't wasted any more than if I played some other game or just cruised Reddit all day.
  7. Last rocktail soup scroll sent out at 90%. I have 247 spice and a 30 spice mission waiting to go for 3 days. FAILED. 5 Lac mission sent out at 84%. Last 5 needed for DL top. FAILED. FML.
  8. 0 adventurer is not a glitch, there is no guarantee they show up with highest bar this is unlikely but not impossible. First time I have never rolled one since I start so I assumed a glitch.
  9. I had 2 glitches ruin my day. I rolled 0 adventures and then I got a voyage refill from a random and it didn't show up to use.
  10. Runescape used to have something truly amazing about it that brought millions of people to the game, and now it's gone and it's gone forever. We all want it back but it isn't going to happen. Enjoy RS for what it has become, because to be perfectly honest it's still a good game in it's own right. What me and tens of thousands of other people long for is ruining what we have. *climbs of high-horse*
  11. Made my first superior piece, a tetsu plate. Total bliss <3:
  12. is it advised to do 2 scroll totems and 2 resource trade good mission totems until all scrolls are collected? I am still working on getting the 9 superior pieces but I have 85 chi 95 plate and 43 lac as of today.
  13. So I basically just created a thread over on help & advice to ask about this very topic. With the new UI coming with RS3, I am guessing that the use of gaming keyboards and mice are going to have a lot more relevance for runescape. I think PvM and PvP can be a more enjoyable affair with keybinds and mouses/keyboars like the razor stuff you and I have.
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