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  1. So I haven't read through the entirety of this post yet, so I apologize if this has already been discussed, but: What effects does the D&D have on skillers? Can skillers use it to gain additional Dungeoneering EXP?
  2. I went there for a bit of my Kalphite Slayer task, managed ~80 Kills before I gave up and left due to the slow spawn rate. It might be me killing overly fast (maxed combats, Armadyl Top/Bottom, Glaivens, Swifts, Murmur, Royal Xbow + Bolts, FSH and utilising abilities), but I killed all four quickly, dawdled for probably 10-15 seconds, then they began to spawn. Really felt like it was dragging on, so I left and went to kill others in the original lair. As for healing, I hardly needed any at all. What little damage I took was replenished via Bunyip. Were it needed, Soul Split would have been more than adequate. Food would have been overkill. Good effort on the guide though :thumbup: Exactly my point, so maybe in thought a wonderful idea, but only applicable to lower/mid level players. To be honest, though, with slayer you're trying to reach an equilibrium between EXP and task-speed. But Exiled Kalphites are certainly not meant for either in my opinion, I personally would only kill these if you wished to receive exuberant amounts of charms. Side-note: did they auto attack you even though you were higher then their level?
  3. Entirely off-topic to the most recent posts on here, but kind of wanted to bring up a discussion question about F2P/P2P. So I made a F2P noob again this past week in hopes of slowly transferring back into being a Pure F2P (seeing as my old Pure F2P account got banned) and was surprised by the fact that you start with 2 weeks of membership. The funniest thing about these two weeks is that I have been able to make more money then would I had I started off F2P, even though I have no plan on continuing my membership once it ends. Anyways, what are your guys thoughts on this? Does having these 2 weeks, even if you don't train and P2P stats, place me in the not "Pure" F2P'ers? Overall thoughts on the whole 2 week system in general?
  4. 'Of course I remember you <3 I miss you :D how are you, neeb?! Well considering that account got banned over a year ago (still appealing from the ban with no response lol :cry: ) I've been doing pretty well. Started using my oldest account, and it's been enjoyable, but I greatly miss being 100% pure f2p. And you, my friend?
  5. I have a feeling I remember your account "A Pink Bag" Does the name Loving Brah ring a bell? Once upon a time I was quite invested in DG Family. Anyways, regardless of if you do, good luck with your goals and such!
  6. In all honesty, 200 kills should be the minimum measurement. Seeing as the equipment I am using costs a total of maybe 600k, and the fact that I am using mage (which is purposeful, I need the EXP) should show you that a player who's maxed (besides summoning), has best or near-best gear, could easily get far many more kills and thus far many more charms. The spawn rates are gloriously fast. There are 4 spawns total (one down each tunnel if you look at the map). If you stand in the corridor between the tunnels all 4 will auto-attack you. The best part is they barely hit on you (almost always a full inventory of food will last me an hour or nearly an hour). So in prediction to a maxed player you could possibly even go with a healing familiar and not even bring food or bring food and bring a range familiar (read as: titan) and some food and you could last who knows how long. If any maxed players try this out PLEASE POST YOUR RESULTS (or PM them to me). It would be most appreciated! EDIT: Just noticed I never answered your question about how many are normally alive. If I am the only player killing Marauders (which, out of my many trips, only 2 times other people have been there) then usually 2 are always spawned and unattacked. I usually focus on two of them and just let the other to auto-attack me, for AFK'ings sake. If that makes sense. I am glad. Hahhaa. So far, I've yet to get any drops from dead players however, they're usually pretty timely in coming back.
  7. Thank you! Hope it is beneficial! I've tripled my charm stacks (Blue and Crimson primarily) since I start killing Marauders.
  8. The Exiled Kalphite Hive! Charms Galorore Contents: I. Location II. Gear III. Drops IV. Misc. I. Location: As I presume most of you have heard, JAGeX has recently released the toughest boss to date: The Kalphite King. However, this guide has nothing to do with him, besides the fact we are killing his soilders. In case you guys do not know how to reach the Exiled Kalphite Hive, here is a nifty map: The easiest way to get there are to follow these simple steps: w/ ancients: Teleport to Bandit Camp Home Tele, walk south past Ancients Pyramid, you will see the entrance. w/o ancients: Go to the Shantay pass (how you get to Shantay Pass is up to you). Take the carpet to Bedabin camp and run south past the Ancients Pyramid and you will see the entrance. Quick note: you can also buy Bandit Camp Teleies for about 4k instead of using carpets as well. Once you enter the hive: You are going to want to go into the Kalphite Graveyard (circled in RED below): Ok, so now that you are in the Graveyard, you will see four spawns Exiled Kalphite Marauders (Level: 140). Here's what you will be killing for as long as you wish. Now that you know where to go; what to wear!? II. Gear: Overall, what you wear to kill the Kalphites is pretty much up to you, however, here are some things to keep in mind: Defense: Exiled Kalphite Marauders use MAGIC-based attacks. What you should learn from this nifty piece of information is to NOT wear melee-based armors. Try to stick to magic-defensive armors (like ranger d-hide, or magic robes being a general example). Offense: Exiled Kalphite Marauders are WEAK TO RANGE. As a result your logical assumption should be to use some style of range on them. Their specific range weakness is ARROWS. So a good suggestion for this would be Crystal Bow or something along those lines depending on what you can budget. Inventory: Again, this is pretty much up to you, personally I bring about 20-22 food, but I am using very minimal gear and no summoning. With summoning (bunyips, unicorns, steel titans would all work and high-leveled armors), you could probably get away with even less. I also bring some alch runes as certain drops are worth more alch'd than sold. (Side not one this: you could just as easily not bring these runes and just bank the items and alch them later as well, this is entirely up to you and your playing style.) III. Drops: Congratulations, you have probably reached the part of the guide that you really wanted to see in the first place: THE DROPS, THE GOODIES, THE REASON YOU'RE KILLING THESE [bLEEP]ED COCKROACHES! So here is a break down of what you will see the most while killing Marauders: 100% Drop: Damaged Chitin This can be smithed into Chitin Scraps. Runes: Earth (100-197), Nature (15-76), Law (16-25), Blood (15-24), Chaos (15-25), Death (15-25) For the most part these are pretty common, in my experiences, Laws are the least common and Deaths/Bloods are the most. Herbs: Guam, Taroomin, Marrentill, Harrlander, Irit, Dwarf Weed, Ranarr (1-2), Kwuarm (1-2), Cadantine, Lantandyme (2) (Grimy for all) Out of all of the drops, these I would have to say are the most consistent, Lantandyme, are actually quite frequent, (1/15 kills or so). Armor: Rune Dagger (semi-common), Rune Chain (less common), Rune Square (less common), Rune Full Helm (uncommon), Rune Longsword (common), Rune Kiteshield (less common) These rates are entirely based upon what I have experienced in my kills. Key: common: every 10 minutes or so (15-30 kills) semi-common: every 5-15 minutes (20-30 kills) less common: every 20 minutes (30-70 kills) uncommon: every 45 minutes (70-150 kills) CHARMS: DROPS ALL TYPES Here are the rates: None: ~35% Blue: ~25% Crimson: ~23% Green: ~8% Gold: ~7% As you can see, these monsters are GREAT if you are trying to gather large amounts of BOTH Blue and Crimson Charms. Misc. Drops: Seeds (most types; best being Torstol, Lantadyme, etc.), Super Attack, Strength, and Defence, Shark (2), Clues (Elite and Hard), Spin Ticket, and Coins. Most of these (besides clues) drop on a less common rate (see above). Side Note: also some items from Rare Drop Table. IV. Misc.: The Exiled Kalphite Marauders are aggressive, so that makes them extremely AFk'able. Personally, I stack up my adrenaline bar and then use Momentum, allowing me to essentially AFK-kill in 20-minute increments. Additionally, you are killing these monsters in the Graveyard this means that any players fighting the Kalphite King, upon death, will drop their tombstones in the area you are in. About 90% of these players are wearing Nex-sets and other high-leveled items, if you are lucky, one may disconnect upon death, leaving you with a large stock pile of high-leveled armors (this is extremely rare, but just so you are aware!). Thanks and disclaimers: Thanks to RunescapeWiki for the pictures. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the surplus of summoning levels that will result because of this guide. Also, no deaths as a result of killing Kalphite Marauders are my fault. If you guys see any mistakes feel free to post/PM me about them! Thank you! Truly, Nate
  9. I have been writing for almost 6 months now and decided that Tip.it is kind of dead, writing-wise. So here begins my "poetry blog" where I will post my writing as I remember to and feel like. My most recent: Stereotype fire It’s kind of funny cause I have spent the past waking daunting hours of my existence watching flames, as incandescent, crawled over those logs (around and around, comes around) And it never really hit me until until those papers ( the one’s with the neatly scribbled words )starting flitting away into yellow clouds at hellish speeds that there in the middle Burned your note andmyheart. Feel free to check out my legitimate writing blog here. Enjoy, and feel free to post constructional criticism, I am always looking to improve! Nate
  10. Worked at a Ledo's pizza as a "summer" job, and then quit and started working at my local public library. Fantastic pay, we get 10.25$/hr which is insane enough for a minimum-education job, and we're getting raises next month to 12.50$/hr. Get library jobs, people.
  11. Currently reading: Before the Frost by Henning Mankell Splendid mystery, I would greatly suggest.
  12. Well, fair warning, I may end up adding skilling things as I get become interested in the game again (I'm looking at you PoP), but as of right now, that's all my focus is. Thank you so much! Will do! Yeah, it'll be an adventure, prior to quitting I had about 40M cash and did some decent merchanting (usually was able to make ~1M a day), but it could be more of a challenge, or depending on how things run, it could be really easy. My success is very dependent on the fluctuations of items, so if JAGeX goes update happy that could be very good for me or very bad. Anyways, both of you, thank you so much for the support! Day 1 230113: Opening Value: 1,020,064 gp 20% of Opening Value: 204,012 gp Anticipated Ending Value: 1,224,076 gp Actual Ending Value: % increase: EDIT: Going to experiment some with some new items (ones I have not used previously very much) so there is a high-chance of today coming away with loses; also I will not count this as a full day seeing as my playing time will be cut short because of school. EDIT2: May or may not have been briefly distracted by PoP for the day, don't expect much profit today.
  13. Late Update: Day 1 230113: Opening Value: 705,113 gp 20% of Opening Value: 141,022 gp Anticipated Ending Value: 846,135 gp Actual Ending Value: 1,020,064 gp % increase: ~45% Holy crap wasn't expecting that much of a gain. I assure you guys, that tomorrow (or further merchanting days) will not be so profitable.
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