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  1. i liek the idea of new quests, but eoc is dead.. the eco is horrible..thoughts?
  2. ok well i got it from a clue scroll so cant complain! :thumbsup:
  3. 70 Fishing

    1. R E G I M E

      R E G I M E

      | | ATTEMPTING TO GET | |

  4. hey quick question, how much would a saradomin page:1 be worth on the 07 server market?
  5. yeah i agree these odds are not what people think :mad: :shame:
  6. i mean its nice to buy gold, with the millions from eoc buy it ruins the actual game.. the point is to start from the bottom
  7. yeah that looks awsome im interested!
  8. wow.. why didnt i think of this :mad:
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