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  1. Nice! I only got some noted coal and piles of 7 - 8K.. with 3 necklaces (30 charges).
  2. 8th 99 skill! Off-topic: Battosai, have you played Too Human (XBOX360)?
  3. This morning: At the moment 700K exp more for level-99! and.. found this old picture wich I took in jan 2009 (talking to Empror1). Off-topic: BEST FACESWAP EVER!
  4. Level-97 Woodcutting and my RuneScape 3 interface. By the way.. did I use enough compost with the maple tree? And this morning:
  5. [spoiler=My Scaping career in a nutshell] Nazi Bandos? Wat.
  6. From the Zybez Forum. Edit: Made 14k dollar?.. MY HERO!
  7. Awesome action screenshot of me picking the Barberry bush!
  8. Fully grown Barberry bush. Awesome screenshot with me picking the Barberry (agility exp)!
  9. EoC isn't RuneScape.. I do like it, but it needs to be balanced. PvM is so easy..
  10. Barberry seed gave me 1600 farming exp and 980 agility exp for picking. My farming level is 82.
  11. Saw the news. Congrats on your Max Cape! Nice Hitpoints experience Leik. =o
  12. Nice Completionist Cape for that amount of playtime. However, this is one cape you can't rush to get! So close..
  13. Why didn't they let the people that disliked it wait for a toggleable option? Aw.
  14. Hello there my Imp friend, come along with me to Waterbirth Island! Too bad for the people who bought the pet from Solomon's general store. =x
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