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  1. You have the stats for high level pvm, but not the gear (or the time by the sounds of things). One thing you may be interested in is void, but not sure how good it actually is now. GWD- Really isn't great for money, prices aren't fantastic unless you're getting Sara Hilts, Bcps or the like. I'm not sure how different all four bosses are since the update (I myself just about managed with death lotus & royal xbow on task at Arma with soul split, so gear of a lower tier may struggle). Nex - You aren't too far off the right gear for this. It seems right now, that the best Nex gear is a hybrid of Mage and Range, using Mage for most of the kill, ranging the minions. You'd need to upgrade to at least Gano to be able to fit in teams for that. That being said, Glacors would probably be good for you. I believe they are doable with T70 gear using soul split, but I'd have to check that (or if anyone actually does this?) - I'm personally not great at Glacors (ragequit after 30 hours dry, gf me). That being said, they are excellent mage exp & charms should you get good at them (good as you said you are aiming for a Yak). Boots are still fairly good gp, but rare as [bleep] (for me anyway). Automatons - Fairly fun sort of pvm, you can kill them quickly with Royal Crossbow. Something I'd highly recommend as it is far superior to your dual CCbows. Gloves command a high price, in the region of 20-30m atm (slowly dropping though) and the other drops chip in to make it around 1m/h. QBD - She is a very very hit and miss boss. Sometimes you can tear her apart (no green carapaces) in repeated kills, othertimes she will be an absolute troll (spamming fire waves, super fire and tormented souls/timestop on the last phase). Honestly, good QBD times are 2 minutes 30 sec and down. But this is with drygores and torva/void. In your gear, I'd probably look to get below 4 minutes per kill - there were times when I could just do two kills/ovl dose ranging QBD, but this was rare. To upgrade your gear, for the immediate future Barrows is fine (upgrade to bandos/armadyl/gano when you have the cash), and you can stick out at Glacors and the like until you have money. I would upgrade from Batwing to Gano asap, then hit up Glacors, getting charms and a steady influx of GP until you have the shards for an Armadyl BStaff (buying one is near enough pointless). Alternatively, you could look to Dungeoneering - getting a Cmaul and a Cstaff. Cmaul is your best melee weapon until dual drygores (or mainhand drygore and eee). Cstaff is the best 2h mage weapon, vying against Virtus Wand & Book for the best mage weapons over all. You should get a Royal Crossbow asap too - you seem to be able to do QBD, so this shouldn't be too difficult. I believe the pieces cost around 500-600k atm, so it isn't much. It's your best range dps until you can get a Zaryte. In the long term, your upgrades ought to be drygores, Gwd sets (Nex or normal, for the dps boosts) and attaining PoP gear. Hope this helps :)
  2. Oookkaayyy so, As you're ranging and not going for speed kills etc, your current gear and stats should suffice. I am presuming you have overloads (I read extreme ranges, so should you not have overloads, take an ext def as well), renewals and super antifires here, judging from your herblore level. First wave, sit back, two/three squares or right next to the central artefact on the left hand side, as you look at the QBD. Pray range protect and augury. The fire waves throughout the kill will have their gaps in 3 set locations (2 to the left and 1 to the right), one of the gaps is right next to the central artefact on the left hand side. On this stage, she will only attack with 1 fire wall at a time. So by placing yourself to the left, you can easily dodge the wave & hit the artefact. The same scenario occurs for the second phase, however this time there could be souls and grotworms on the scene. Now, generally speaking it is best to ignore the grotworms, and focus on killing the QBD. On this stage, you can evade souls by running through them to the left, luring the dark ring beneath it, thus damaging it rather than you. The perfect time to do this is as soon as they call out to the QBD (exactly what they say, I cannot recall off the top of my head). As long as you make sure you run THROUGH them at this time, not AWAY, you will be fine. This technique is the same for every stage other than four, which I will explain later. Note: she fires two fire walls at once this stage. Keep on hitting her throughout the stage until you can activate the artefact. For the third stage, head to the other side of the platform, and do much the same as previously. There will be two soul spawns this time, so you can either run east or west to combat the dark rings damaging you. There will be 3 fire waves at once this phase, so watch out. Tag the artefact and head on to the final phase. Now for the fourth phase, it is likely there will be a few grotworms about, and if you're unlucky, some souls. The souls here will appear in a square around you, diagonally. So to lure them, you will need to run straight through one of them, to lure all FOUR portals into that one. It's likely though that the soul will die before all four have hit, so be prepared and eat up incase. Now most importantly on the fourth phase, is the super dragonfire. This can wreck you if you're not prepared properly. When you see in the game chat that the QBD is about to use it, eat up to high health, and dash into the centre, brandishing the crossbow. Do NOT move until it has been forged, otherwise you will need to do it again. I hope those tips can get you to the final phase without the use of too much food, my only worry being that Royal D'hide doesn't have fantastic defence bonuses.
  3. The "PvmDG" clan chat, type it in exactly as you read it :) EDIT: Annoying clan mate beating me to it
  4. Hiya :) Basically, Barrows & GWD armours are now the same tier, but whip is still tier 70, but not as good as it was before. The obvious upgrades are to GWD gears, as they provide damage and prayer bonus's from the chestplates, whilst the rest of the set components provide just prayer, and the god protection within GWD. However, this obviously isn't necessary to buy a full set. With your stats you can easily solo each GWD boss (bar nex), using Soul Split and the appropriate Turmoil prayer: Ranging Kree'ara (Armadyl) with Karils and a Royal Xbow, Meleeing Graar (Bandos) with Bandos and a Maul, and then Maging (unless you have drygores) Zilyana (Saradomin) with Ice Barrage. As for Kril, he is the most versatile (so to speak) boss, so you can range, mage or melee him, using the appropriate armour (bloodfire barrage, should you mage). For every boss, you'll want to use basic abilities up to the Threshold levels, then use those when possible: i.e Assault if Melee, Rapid Fire if Range or Asphyxiate if Maging (these are not the only options however). In a lot of cases, you can combine abilities, such as Slaughter and Kick for Melee, to produce extra damage from your attacks: using a damage over time effect, then moving them so the damage is trebled. Unfortunately, there is no such ability for mage: slaughter is the melee threshold and fragmentation shot is a basic for ranged. Generally speaking, unless you have drygores, two handed weapons are better than dual wield. If you happen to have full melee/range void, as well as a maul/royal xbow or drygores, then you can also Nex as an attacker (strategies are a bit long to explain here :P). If you fancy it, hop into PvmDG clan chat sometime and we'll be happy to help :) If you'd like, we would happily teach you any other boss too. But we can't promise that the Kalphite King won't be an absolute troll and abuse his mage phase attacks. On a side note: drygores are currently crashing hard atm, and EEE (upgraded and enhanced Excalibur) is practically equivalent to a drygore offhand), so you could be in luck to afford those soon :P Should you wish to public DG, then I believe W77 is the new place to be if >100 DG, but it can still be used with less than 100, with a bit of luck. I can't vouch for it much, as I tend to avoid public Dging, due to the frustrations commonly involved :P Otherwise, hop into the clan chat for some DG whenever you feel like it, we're happy to teach anyone effectively, whilst still having fun :) Hope this helps :)
  5. Cool. I'll give it a try. Would blood barrage be a good option, from a healing point of view? Nope - as you said, you have Overloads and Ancient Curses - Soulsplit is more than enough to keep you at max lp. You'll need to run around a bit, luring the Daggs to get maximum damage spread (resulting in maximum exp/h), rotating between the east and west spots either side of the central rocky structure in the middle of the room, as their aggro will die after a while. As for gear, your best 2h Stave and Ahrims or up should be fine (presuming you have at least this). If you fancy it, Daggs in Wbirth are great for crimson charms - so its a great place to collect them while you train. You can also take a bonecrusher for added prayer experience.
  6. Full Void is indeed the gold standard for dpsing atm (I am presuming that it will get nerfed however in the coming months). As Q said, don't bother with the skillcape (t), grab a Tokhaar-Kal if you have it, its much better than the skillcape now. If you have them, Penance and Vampyrism Aura are also very good for Nexing (Vampyrism scrimshaw - not so much). Yep - hop into PvmDG sometime and ask, we do Nex trips practically every night :D Yeaaahhh perhaps not if using Dragon :P Best boots are Torva, due to the DPS boost. Defence isn't too key atm - if you have a decent tank then it ought not to matter.
  7. PvmDG


    Thanks Rilo! :D
  8. PvmDG


    Welcome to PvmDG :D A clan set up in March 2013, we aim to provide a friendly and mature environment for both Pvm and DG activities. Born from an old Dungeoneering clan, PvmDG was set up by a group of close friends who wanted to embrace the challenges of both Pvm and DG regularly. They set up the clan looking for a clean slate, around which they could forge new friendships and further strengthen old ones. This clan will be a place for those who enjoy both Pvm & DG to join in with teams and floors; a place where people can share bossing strategies and celebrate rare drops, as well as offer Dungeoneering advice, enjoying fast floors and commiserating over hilarious deaths and tragic floor times. Clan Entry Requirements: At least 1900 Total 90+ in all combat stats A solid knowledge of both Pvm and DG techniques (support can be provided here) The willingness to learn A mature yet casual attitude - member should be able to appreciate a good joke now and then, but not become too carried away. It is highly preferred that members have and can talk over Skype, as it is especially useful for teaching new members how to both Pvm and DG, where typing is far too slow to convey messages. New clan members will be placed upon a two week trial period, where they will permanently remain a 1 Banana. However, within this period they can be formally invited to the clan at any time, becoming eligible to rank improvements and the like, or should negative circumstances arrive, further conversation with key ranks will occur, so as to establish the status quo. (Clan ranking system explained upon the Official Clan Page on the RS website.) Activities: We tend to go to most Bosses, either solo or in a team. Most GWD bosses are treated as solo, unless teaching members new to Pvm. Other bosses such as Nex and KK are team based. Nex teams have a maximum of 4-5 on a trip - greater numbers possible in masses. Bosses we currently visit: Nex Saradomin GWD Armadyl GWD Bandos GWD Zamorak GWD Queen Black Dragon Kalphite King Dagganoth Kings Corporeal Beast Mole (some of us, anyway :P) As for Dungeoneering, most of us are actively going for 120, so it is likely you will always find someone within the chat who is up for a floor or more! We also do non Pvm/DG activities, our favourite being Castle Wars. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is a few of the main events we take part in. In addition to this, we are friends with The T Bar (biggest clan in W119) so often we do joint events with them! Castle Wars Clan Wars Fight Pits Pest Control (because we always have someone in need of a new set of void) Conquest Soul Wars If any of this interests you, hop into the PvmDG clan chat any time and feel free to ask any questions :)
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