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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. wow nice lay out i have to say ! keep on track of your goals ! goo'luck !
  3. i always found spider robes the best looking robes in the game (: also nice stats you've got there already ;D your blog is really nice to read everyday because you update it everyday ;D awesome man keep up the good work
  4. wow you did awesome work ! looks like you're really into it ! and was fun talking to you InScape, i'll be sure to go to GMM with you next year you''re a nice guy to talk too best of luck mate , cya later!
  5. your link in the signature picture and text works great for me ! it's awesome (:
  6. I like your show/hide buttons alot it's well organised now ! and GMM was so damn awesome! PM me in game Semp Iternal, maybe i saw you there ! ;D btw nice stats you got there already! i see you're going for it Goodluck maybe a bank picture soon ?;D
  7. nice blog easy to read, i wish you best of luck also i'm from belgium too , did you go to GMM ?(:
  8. Xp waste Like i said , not playing for gps or xps anymore (: -Sempiternal-
  9. good luck with all these goals i'm sure rhat you can get , big support for you ! -Sempiternal-
  10. sorry guys won't be updating today because i'm going to eat something with my gf , want everything to be perfect so i'm not going to quick update it so i'll do everything tomorow , achieved 50 wc 50 craft ,and 30 magic today , see you guys tomorow , bye (: -Sempiternal-
  11. Thank you Pendo, and i'll be sure to make the blog more interesting by time (: -Sempiternal-
  12. nice colors of your trimmed cape i really like the combination D: good luck with future goals (: -Sempiternal-
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