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  1. You need an item from the sof and use the spirit wolf blood with it. Then a wolf will apear and give you an armor piece wich grants 1% extra summ exp when worn and training summoning. The ratio of 1K sounds alot. I thought 500 but I don't know this for sure, so until then: 1K spirit wolf blood + an item from SOF = summoning gear wich boosts exp gained bij 1%. There are 5 pieces total.
  2. I'm killing aviansies at the moment for range xp (and the addy bars, ofc) and I have killed 250 of them now, only got 23 spirit wolf blood. So killing isn't a way to get the full summoning armor. But I was reading on the runescape website that monsters who drop charms, drop spirit wolf blood to. Don't know if the droprate is better.
  3. I've experienced no problems with that. The splashes, healthbar, everything worked good. But I imagine it messes up the feeling of the quest.
  4. I liked the lore and although Saradomin's acts are all questionable (reqruiting Centaurs for the cause, not give a crap about them, just wanting to revive them and fight again? Really Saradomin?! You act as Fern now!) I liked the scaling with your combatlevel the best. Now this quest was a little more challenging then when it was a low level quest. Jagex should really use the scaling on every quest they launch from now on.
  5. Agreed with Low C. None are faster, but agility is a huge pain to train high if you are not into clicking and walking rounds. But maybe you do like agility, then find a way to use the lamps for the skill you think is the worst. Don't go with dungeoneering though, you will need the tokens for the weapons.
  6. For runespan you want an island where higher nodes spawn. Such as shifters, jumpers, skulls. Every node chaos and above is good and should be done above creatures. You don't want to hop around the whole level to get to a node. Find an island and only hop 1 time if there is a good node. Otherwise stick with your island, do creatures if there isnt a node, if there spawns one chaos or above: get it.
  7. Air battle staves have a buylimit (100 each 4 hours). Headless arrows and broad arrowtips have a limit. But its rather high, 10K tips each 8 hours and 20K headless arrows. And I believe there a many more items with a limit.
  8. I play (again, went off pre-EoC and about a week after the summoning skill came out) because I like how much there is to be done. For instance: I can go fishing, or AFK'ing woodcutting (ivy) if I feel that way. I can stick my time in slayer when I want too, or even running some laps on a agility course when I want. There is just so much to be done, it's not getting boring for me. And I can't say EoC messed the game up. Ofcourse, I still think of the days when you just killed experiments over and over and over and over because they had 100 HP wich was probably the most of all non-bosses. I think there is alot more thinking to do. For instance: I used to range fire giants to the next world while safespotting. Now that's a bad choice, because they attack with range, and they will hit you. I always liked doing something myself. I.E. not buying a skill from 1 to 99. I used my logs for fletching or firemaking. Cooked my own fish to level fishing and cooking. It just feels really good when you haven't spent your cash on buying everything. Instead I use it for my own skills.
  9. May I ask why you still want to use the lamps on slayer? If there are more skills to max out, I would say use it on them, but there must be a reason why you say use them on slayer, even on 99
  10. Thanks for pointing it out, because I didn't know it was a bad choice since I asked like more then a dozen of players and they all say the same: good exp.
  11. I don't see how this is trolling. I see alot of people training combat on deadly reds, even if they have 95 in either att, str or def. I asked them why they would still train here, they claim its the fastest method. Although it numbs your brain. So it is just a suggestion wich you either can claim as: "no Tappas, thats a bad way of training" or "might try that out although its killing my brain". Calling it trolling is just suggestive. But, let's not hijack the topic.
  12. How are deadly red spiders for you when you only want to focus on the xp? That's probably a cheap way to get your att en str to 96 (equill to your def) or even further. No overloads needed, no drygores, easily done with bandos or elite void armor.
  13. Questing is really the way to go now. Most quests won't take that long. And I can't state it enough: do Fairy tale part II as soon as you can. The lodestones are worth your time, unluck them all (the desert one is only available after Desert Treasure though). But having the fairy rings too is gonna be a huge help.
  14. I consider Saradomin and Zamorak to be the Ying and Yang of evil, meaning they are both evil, just in different and opposite ways. Good gods do not simply send the person who have just played a huge role in his own return away. Good gods to not simply destroy worlds. I see saradomin as much good as I see certain texts in this world as being anything more than actual story books. I see what you are pointing out. Maybe Saradomin is more "The Light" and Zamorak "The Dark". But, I really want to see how all the other Gods gonna fit in this lore. Let's not forget it's only 1 full day now.
  15. I can't say I'm full of joy by RS3 so far. The 5th age only lasted 170 years, and with the death of Guthix, the story has many open spots to fill in. I'm not really sure what the God Emmisary's have to do with this lore, so far. Only Zamorak and Saradomin are fighting at the moment, and believed Zaros is a very powerfull, if not the most powerfull, God. Where do Armadyl, Seren and Bandos fit in all this? We are fighting for a real life month in Tier 1 in Lumbridge, so I truly wanna now why the ancient Good vs Bad battle is going. Because, in my opnion, it is Saradomin considered good, and Zamorak considered Bad. Ying and Yang, even in this game.
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