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  1. Collecting Those Tears -_-

  2. Hey Yew Treess, I just saw your Blog Good Luck with your goals and Thank You (: ~Fly Skill
  3. Nice Job Patatten, :grin: Keep it up. Consider Leveling Prayer and Constitution. :twss: ~Fly Skill
  4. Thanks Kaida23, I'm sure my goals will be accomplished with a little motivation and push from the supports I receive. :) We could do duel runs for the tier hat 6 .. that would be awesome. but if we start I'm not gonna leave until i got the hat :P We can skill together if you want :)
  5. Leveling Mining At the moment. (: [35] Another Level for the win! [37] Missed the picture for level 37 Mining :’(
  6. I FAILED!!! got 3 magic from the rune mysteries quest I'll be more careful next time! -start over- New account: Lil Kermit hehe, sorry for the inconvenience :P
  7. Congratulations, on your progress. i'm at the same time and levels as you , just started July 20th 2013 I'm hoping we could skill together (: ~Fly Skill
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