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  1. I still refuse to believe there was no bug abuse involved. Jagex mods are far from infallible. As far as "they" know there was no bug abuse, but that doesn't mean it is so. Why would someone waste such an exorbitant amount of money on such a mundane item? They could have cornered a rare market with that amount of wealth instead.
  2. Inb4 it comes out he discovered an item dupe bug. That is, honestly, the most logical explanation for this if it is in fact a legit picture. Though, having possession of such powerful knowledge and "showing off" by posting a picture would be exceptionally daft. Some people just can't help themselves though.
  3. The blue templar boots from that one quest where you can replay cutscenes.
  4. The blue templar boots from that one quest where you can replay cutscenes.
  5. I use digsite teleport constantly to swap between Curses and Prayers.
  6. Well shit, 75 Div for the Zaros quest makes a sad panda out of me.
  7. Yeah this was so goddamn retarded. I got killed by a level 78 person with a dragon 2h sword, when I was wearing t90 gear.
  8. Vwand is gonna crash [bleep]ing hard, as will all the other Nex pieces. The douchebags with seismics have only themselves to thank for this, as it is their fault for incessantly crashing that we got a Nex instance.
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