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  1. This is actually dope - congratz on the 200m that is an impressive feat.
  2. Updates updates [bleep]dates: DRAGON SLAYERRRRR: [bleep] I AINT [bleep]IN WIT YEWWWW: Pray to god he doesn't find my blog:
  3. I R RUNE 'SCAPING: Then decided to do some Slayin': BANG BANG: 100% will be doing Dragon Slayer tonight so that'd cool! Aiming for 65-70 Combat by the end of this coming weekend.
  4. So many pictures I almost get a hard on. Goal is to get 50 Defence, by the end of today, so hopefully I can get that.
  5. Blah blah my blog sucks but more updates: Actually really proud of getting 40 Slayer at 53 combat so that's cool.
  6. Levels levels levels... 2 levels from 40 Slayer - hopefully will get that tonight, but we'll see.
  7. Got this with my bonus exp aura: Also got 56 Smithing but missed the picture.
  8. Mostly flipping - but I am currently not doing much of it because prices are [bleep]ing off-the wall right now. Got members back so just logged in to get shit durn.
  9. Membership ran out and don't have money at the moment to refill it so going to be on break for a few days; but here's what I've done in the past few days prior to that happening:
  10. Did a lot yesterday; hopefulyl will be able to get even more done this afternoon.
  11. Two more: Gonna do some questing and slayer today. Good shit; let's do this break well.
  12. Been losing a lot of money on merching the last few days with the TT update throwing everything out of wack so almost down to 100m again which kind of sucks, but anyways, been skilling a lot and almost have all 50s in my buyable stats: Will probably get 50 Smithing today and 40 farming which is dope - still need to get my Dungeoneering and Hunter over 20 though and that's kind of bugging me still. Anyways peace.
  13. Decided to get all my buyables to 50+ so hello: Also, finally bought a Blue Halloween Mask which is has been a goal of mine since I was young. EDIT: PAGE 2 [bleep]ES.
  14. Failed at taking a good picture but finished a quest today as well as a lot of slayer: Currently at 116m bank right now too which is neato.
  15. Thanks; its easy since I can flip with the companion app when I'm not even playing. I flip anwhere from 10-15m a day so its actually really satisfying. Not really sure what I'm gonna do after I get a Phat though.
  16. Hello hello combat stats EXP I LOVE IT. Also broke the 100m barrier because I am [bleep]ing awesome.
  17. Another quest complete: Gonna slay and do farming and maybe another quest while merching, almost at 100m cash woop woop!
  18. Killin it! Can't wait til I personally am even above 2k total! That's sweet.
  19. Still haven't done much questing, did some farming, merching, and stake-investing. Currently made about 9m this morning which is pretty sweet - looking to be at 70m by the end of the morning hopefully. Probably gonna finish my last few novice quests this afternoon at some point, but got a big test tomorrow that I gotta study for anyways. #smalllifeupdate Over and out.
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