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  1. Binbougami ga Sora no otoshimono Superior(and superior cross) One Punch man Death note boku dake ga inai machi boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai corpse party destroy and revolution gou-dere bishoujo nagihara sora hinamatsuri liar game murcielago
  2. What have they made easier post-launch? They've buffed stuff post-update ever since the KQ's barbed spines attack. Tru dat they buff monsters and games and what not and nerf useful items. We want to have cool items with niches uses. OH DEAR GOD NO DAKRLIGHT IS BEING USEFUL IN A NICHE nerf nerf nerf GO GO GO GO. They were OP as heck and then they ended up nerfed, weaker than the original darklight.People complain about it being weaker than the original non-enhanced darklight, but then the original darklight wasn't actually a weak weapon, and that it was just underused. I think it would be fair to give it stats close to t90, but it should require more requirements, similar to what it's fellow niche weapons do(chromatic balmung, keris(desert tasks)) From Subzero's darklight rebalance thread http://[Use Quick Find Code]/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?15,16,341,65627713,1,335806899 He suggests a darklight upgrade through attunning it to a weapon, gaining the original enhanced darklight stats, but now with a coin and demon ash sink. In my opinion, niche weapons like these end up causing a lot of over farming in the economy (Drygore prices, dhatchet prices for reference). Therefore I do not think buffing enhanced darklight back to it's original stats would be a feasible option for runescape's long term sustainability.
  3. I'd just use a porter to send it to bank, and then from there to maybe use a portable crafter to tan them. Much more effective use of the timeframe a portable lasts, though the porters cost about 350gp per charge
  4. If you use it at dragons you pretty much effectively cut your profits by half. The crafter costs...30k I imagine, but lasts 5 minutes. If you tan on the spot it means that you cannot bank the hides with a porter instead since you've tanned them into leather.
  5. Horizontal expansion. Something that needs to come with invention. Tierscape has ruined part of rs when it came out.
  6. And this justifies tierscape? And btw it means your encounters will have to be shorter because when monsters hit you, your shield is t75, meaning you take more damage when compared to a t90, but that damage is reduced by its effects.
  7. And that comes at the cost of massive prayer drain.Doesn't change the fact that they outclass everything.So you think that there is no ratio of prayer point-hp conversion would justify it's effect? If a singe dose is super restore is effectivly 2k health (12k in 1 flask), while the next best healing is a super brew flask at 7800 hp, yes. But if a monster hits you too hard they break your protection prayers as well. It also means that you have something extra to keep an eye out for. If they hit you too hard you'd have to restore pray and then heal, but then since you can't double pot, you can only choose something like food as the alternative.
  8. You might want to use the reaper necklace now that its one of the best-in-slot items for dps at high level bossing
  9. And that comes at the cost of massive prayer drain.Doesn't change the fact that they outclass everything.So you think that there is no ratio of prayer point-hp conversion would justify it's effect?
  10. Horizontal expansion though, I personally wouldnt want rs to completely become tierscape.
  11. So the reaper necklace has become an incredible dps item for <97% accuracy monsters And my opinion on tanking: spirit shields should be more suited to this than t90 shields. They basically convert prayer points to lifepoints on a 1:6 ratio, meaning your super restores restore an equivalence of ~2khp per dose, which is quite ideal for tanking. Of course food is also a necessity, but your shield abilities would be reducing a good amount of damage you'd otherwise be taking.
  12. It sounds ideal, but I'd think that it's be more a bit of a disappointment. It's pretty much a fact that one does not level skills that give little convenience. For example one usually trains woodcutting until one can cut a waka and then stops, leaving the rest for when one becomes a higher leveled player. The same is with agility, where one tends not to train it if there is no specific purpose in mind. With smithing, it is more useful when rune is smithable at Lv 50, and can add extra stats to it by having certain levels, however one is much more likely to prioritise the skills that one expects to be more useful or gives more convenience to oneself, eg prayer or herblore. Following this route, one is likely to get prayer/herb to the 90s and then boss/pvm to rack up some cash before one goes onto train smithing for the 'smaller tweaks' that give one a bit more tankiness or dps. That way, smithing has not changed much outside of giving f2p and ironmen a bit more to look forward to.
  13. But that update comes in the form of invention. Instead of ironing out an old skill, they decided to make a new one that involves several skills as a sort of solution to fill the flaws in some of the other skills. Anyways if they do decide to give smithing some high level usability(eg. Make untradeable upgraded malevolent) then for the high leveled users all this update would mean to them is that they get a little more dps/tankability. Instead an elite skill gives the high leveled users something to do, and at the same time gives low-mid level users something to look forward to.
  14. And how is this making it alive? (except for ironmen) Or is this only a rejuvenation for ironmen?
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