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  1. Good day ladies & Gentlemen, I have come to the conclusion that I should depart temporarily as my real-world priorities demand my attention. I will come visit the forums occasionally in the future. Lycka till och vi ses i framtid. Sam
  2. Welcome back to the community; We're glad to have you back. |^_^|
  3. I like the skits, keep them up! It looks quite fun to produce these videos. :)
  4. Imperator


    I've had a wonderful time in Rome. I believe it's time I show my face on the forums anyway so here are a few photos we took on the visit. Understandably, I am the male in the photographs.
  5. Nihil Timendum Est

  6. Imperator


    Well, I am going to the Eternal City alas. I will be going there for vacation but will probably turn it into a Christian pilgrimage. I think it's about time I share photos on this forum. Anyway, if anybody has recommendations regarding what to see, do share!
  7. Welcome to the community! Very nice to see a proud Christian (and family man) on this forum. :D
  8. Imperator


    Do me a favor and look at the second picture in the article i posted above. That guy is a direct threat to the safety of the passengers on that flight. Not only that, but he'll have an impact on the comfort of anyone that has to pass him during any stage of the flight. Do you think it's fair of him to sit where he's sitting? Do you think it's fair to the rest of the passengers? Let's assume they have to make an emergency landing, and they're forced to get on their hands and knees to crawl to the exit (to avoid cabin smoke). Do you think the guy will even fit in the aisle on his hands and knees? Very unlikely. So in this event, you're asking everyone on that flight to "just leave before take-off if they had a problem with it"? I'm not saying many people will, because sadly not many people consider this a scenario. But in the event of an emergency, if people were to get injured because of this, i can sure as hell assure you that they'll be saying "Why did you let the fat man on the plane if you knew he would jeopardize our safety?" The same applies to the Etihad case. Although he did not jeopardize anyone's safety, he did jeopardize another passenger's comfort. If anyone should have considered getting off, he should have. Or he could have done the fair thing and bought two tickets to fully support his large frame. EDIT: I do not mean to be condescending. I just get extremely upset about these things because so little people actually consider the safety implications these situations have. They're too worried about someone getting offended, that they'd risk their own safety and the safety of others. I am confident we've already agreed that if it were possible for large people to pay for extra seating, we would implement it. As I have told you, it is logistically impossible to fix this so I am afraid we're just pulling the rope here. You should know that this sort of discrimination would never be allowed no matter how much we'd like to establish it. I think that I stand in much the same position here. EDIT: That is a fine point you've made on safety. Very thought provoking actually.
  9. Imperator


    Well, philosophically I agree with you without hesitance however I believe that there is no way going about this issue without hurting the given airline. On your second point, I find it funny how to try to be condescending toward as If I am foolish to say that. What could they have done to assist him? It's mind numbing how you can't consider that he could of just left before take-off if he had a problem with it which he could of.
  10. Imperator


    I don't see how it is absurd logic. Since I now understand you don't have an understanding how a business works, particularly airlines, how would airlines logistically manage your claim based on how an airlines receives information from its customers? With your logic, airlines would have to ask the customer's weight whilst they are making a booking and adjust the seating plan accordingly which only then they may ask the "obese" customer to pay for two seats. How then, would that approach to managing this issue be solved with your logic? (theoretically I mean) as we both know you can't suddenly pay for two seats for both security reasons as well as the possibility of the flight being full. Also, the government would never allow this query from airlines based on Discrimination of customers. I also agree that obese people should pay for extra seating. However, I don't think it could be possible. EDIT 1: The flight for this Etihad lawsuit was full so they could not place him anywhere else. They even put him in the cabin crew seat for some of the flight so he would be less difficult.
  11. Imperator


    Maybe he shouldn't go Economy next time. Or maybe if you're to fat to fit in one seat you should pay for two. That is probably a worse solution and could maybe even encourage more lawsuits which I presume would be along the lines of 'Discrimination' or 'Mistreatment' for the large person(s). You'll be surprised how many times airlines get 'sued' on this very issue. If they have a problem with it, why can't the complainer pay for two seats? On a side note, Etihad Airways have constantly ranked in the top 5 for Best Economy class. I can only imagine how abused the American airlines are getting on this issue.
  12. Imperator


    Maybe he shouldn't go Economy next time.
  13. Imperator


    Going on a vacation to Bali, Indonesia. Won't be active for a few weeks or so. Time to get my binge drinking face on. :-D Farewell.
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