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  1. I just got the Mask of Granite...too bad I'm not currently a Member, lol.
  2. I went over 400 days without logging in...life got in the way and none of my friends play RuneScape any longer....*sad face*
  3. Congrats! It's been forever since I've been playing RuneScape and I see this community has pretty much died...*sad face*
  4. You must have quit playing like me...life got in the way, lol. Hope you are doing well.
  5. Well I'm finally making an update to this blog for the 1st time since October 26th! Updates include: 89 Slayer & 96 Defence! Hopefully I'll be able to play more...it's been 17 days since I even played! Work and family life has been very busy.
  6. That's awesome! Congratulations! Women > RuneScape. That being said, don't forget about me. :PI won't forget about you man. So I've been playing some but not a ton. Got 105 Magic from all the combat lamps from the Fally event. Capped everyday. Also, I got 85 Div and RC. Just need hunter and thieving for 85 base and I'm less than 100k to each level. Ty :D And wow nice! I haven't been able to play much lately...work and kids and everything else...but I'll eventually play more than a couple hours every 2-3 days again...
  7. I just got 69 Summoning thanks to the Falador Event: I'm also very close to 92 Defence!
  8. I'm thinking of "quitting" RuneScape for awhile...I have a full time job that I started last Thursday and don't really have much time to play currently...
  9. You must have started a new OSRS account...very nice. :) I honestly can't see myself ever going back to OSRS...I like bank presets and EOC/Action Bars and lodestones way too much. :P
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