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  1. Looking to start a gym/fitness related Clan Chat Weather you are a Gym Rat, Fitness Freak, Crossfitter, Olympic Lifter, Strongman/Strongwoman, Powerlifter, Yoga Enthusiast, Physique Competitor, Personal Trainer, Body Builder, Weekend Warrior, Nutritionist, Just Getting Started, Juice Head, Curl Bro, Training for a specific sport or just love the atmosphere of being in the gym , join my clan chat Talk about anything gym/fitness related! Such as: -Your recent PR's (Personal Records) -Training Regiment -Diet/Nutrition/Supplements -Tips/Technique/Form -Gym equipment/accessories -Achievements (If you are a competitor) Clan Chat: Wat Ya Bench Please do not bash fellow lifters, let's unite and make the world a better place to lift :)
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