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  1. Who the heck uses CD drives anymore?
  2. http://www.cyberwarecomputers.com/ Recently purchased a PC from these guys. Check out their Budget Friendly Tier 2 Computer, or Gaming Desktop's Tier 1 Computer. Both are relatively cheap, and the company warrants the computer for 5 years. Had a great experience with them (much better than with other companies like iBuyPower).
  3. Exactly the same as everyone elses strategy... Looks like the price won't be rising for a while ^.^
  4. You can't expect handouts just paying to play this game. You are paying to PLAY it, not be given handouts. There are people who receive 3rd age on their first clue, and there are people who will never receive it. It's all luck.
  5. Elite clue scrolls have more steps to them and if I remember correctly they have a few of the easier steps filtered out.
  6. Ash_

    darkscape houses

    It's DarkScape. If you can't handle the heat then go back to your RS3 bro.
  7. I really enjoyed and still enjoy the Falador rework. I think Jagex has really stepped up their game when it comes to listening to the playerbase they've created.
  8. Dude idk man it's not as popular as it use to be maybe bcuz runescape is dying
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