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  1. well i was thinking more along the lines of time=money so if you already have the money you could save time and do something else with it meh why argue...you have a good point
  2. I say its worth it simply because its gonna cost you anyway...unless you want to gather your own bones.
  3. This is going off from the unbalanced trading rules Jagex came up with today. instead of hurting paying members with unbalanced trading rules, make the rules apply to f2p only, since thats where most of the sweatshops run, and most of the bots run. this will allow members to continue making unbalanced trades, so you can have your drop parties, do ess running, split the rewards at GWD, etc... if they catch a sweatshop running on members, all they gotta do is ban them, not the ip, but the players themselves. no one in their right mind will keep paying 5 bucks just to get banned again..unless i'm horribly wrong
  4. ?? once upon a time, Taleigha04 had that record with over 4m agility xp in a day. maybe they took it down because he\she got it from cashing in over 13k tickets...which actually takes months
  5. i'll give it 5/10 because of sheer luck :) but very nice, i'd loot it too. not your fault someone wanted to try autoing the metals
  6. yea I'm a photoshop noob, i'll learn. in the meantime, enjoy :) all herbs, herb seeds (ranarr+), saplings, and pots are in order from lowest lvl to highest lvl
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