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  1. Edited my post but I'll just add it here, seeing as it is a reply (albeit one predating your post): Some people might say that new players wouldn't find w31 house parties, so this update would help them, but in my opinion it is a bad thing to lead new players into inefficient and afk-based methods instead of leading them to community-based efficient methods which involve playing the game. So how exactly you get 700k as level 4 in a few hours? please tell me your methods I want to know
  2. You know what is scaring new players on? The cutscenes on Buthorpe... it's a lagfest and boring and you can't skip it, so yeah, bring back the simplicity, that's what runescape was about
  3. Of course I would have fun! Claro que me divertire! |^_^|
  4. 10 minutes to take all that charms? Ok, for my book that's FAST
  5. You must be kidding right... it's very possible, as possible than suomi instead of leveling up his RS07 account, he could instead lvl up that one xp We have 200m all ok, OK? 99.99999998% percentage, rounded up it's OVER
  6. Wow people seriously, calm the [bleep] down Just wait until tomorrow, don't freak out yet... The whole party thing is supposed to be a "surprise" so maybe Suomi is playing along so it can be surprise even for us who already read it here at tip.it Ugh, I mean, you seriously think someone would spent hours at grinding just to stop at 1XP? he's is allegedly letting other players take his 100th rank all. Nevertheless, Just imagine he already got 200M xp everything, the point of this thread was "It is possible to get 200M all?" well yes it is, he coulda get that 1xp anytime at the past days, it's already proven it's possible, if SUOMI doesn't want to get 1 place rank forever, well it's his damn choice. Dont get all obsessive compulsive over he gets the XP or not.
  7. Dude, you should be cautious with your words, it would be so sad if some J-mod see this and take it as an excuse to ban you. I know is improbable but hey, I wouldn't risk it
  8. So basically he gets 200m all and later this year we get a whole new highscore.... Wow Seriously Jagex... SERIOUSLY!
  9. And no this is not off-topic since everything that say the 200m all player goes on topic because basically he owns this topic now so yeah I can safely say most of us all like pokemon, don't deny it :D (zezima did like it) And for the 5B EXP alike challenge I propose he gets all the national pokedex with all the pokemon with perfect IV (31 all) and he can't trade only but himself, but he has to wait for pokemon X & Y
  10. omg you are so famous now, now you have a story to tell to your grandchildren
  11. This would make a new era to runescape, no more a race to be the best, because it can only be one best: Suomi. Now the game won't be a competition, it would be about having fun with each other.... I can see it now, you saved runescape Suomi, you are a hero. (Okay maybe I'm over-reacting)
  12. What about making a S U O M I - FAQ because this questions are getting repetitive
  13. Lol instead of max xp training just stare at your highscores the same amount of hours LOOOOL
  14. I know omg omg omg omg omg omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg *imagines himself getting excited with s u o m i watching the highscores loooooooool*
  15. What are you going to do for 2 weeks s u o m i inb4 training rsc skills to 99 lololol
  16. Less than 1m left o_o So close for reaching inmortality
  17. I quitted years ago but been around to check updates time to time... but this is something pretty admirable... I wonder one thing.... There's a way to max "activities" highscores? LMAO that would be SICK
  18. Lol sorry for asking so many questions but I think this will be my last chance before you get extra famous by completing the game and everyone starts to swarm you
  19. S u o m i you are quitting after 5B? I hope you could get 200m on the new skill (lol im asking like if it was an easy feat)
  20. Yeah lets all donate to alkan so he can get 200M all by tomorrow, lol why not
  21. It's not me, it's Jagex. Jagex wanted to do something special for me and it's gonna take a while plan it etc. They told me about it after I quit. Jagex wanted me to keep quiet about it, I wouldn't mind telling but gotta respect their decision. If something goes wrong you can always blame Jagex haha :P Nah but tbh it's worth the wait. 22th February they release the new skill trololololol
  22. S u o m i Why are you doing this to us?? We have waited for literally YEARS for this to happen and you are going to make us wait even further?? AAAAAAghgfjkasdlfasf *melts itself*
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