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  1. I'm currently messing around on rscrevolution As Killermandie if anyone wants to PM me.
  2. Well hey Kdog. Hope all is well in life bro. I know this post is over 10 years old now. But I was getting nostalgic the other night, and did some research on my username and this popped. So I thought I would clear the air. I never shared killer, with wsgb. I believe in 2002 I shared for a month with someone who lived in omaha like me. But he ended up making a post about it, and I quit for a few months ashamed haha.I think i just wanted him go level me up. But he ended up pking so I took it back... He got mad and made a post. I never used a bot or an "alternative client". I regularly took screen shots of my kills. Cheating in anyway in pking took the fun out of it. My "cheat" was jagex approved on there website sun java. It allowed me to jump when walking instead of just seemingly moving in one direction. The only down side is it froze alot. I never would want killer to be banned so I never took a risk on using bots. I played pretty clean, although towards the end I did pk with individuals(as did everybody) that could see someones ping to servers(which ruined pking when knowing If you did or didnt have catch). I never used that personally but I did use the individuals that did. I remember it was around the same time that you and dsm decided to turn on me. I ended up killing dsm which was always a fun memory. No hard feelings, it was good fun and there wasnt many fo fight towards the end. I think I was hurt at the time a little given how long I knew you for, and soul steel, but hey, Getting dustin after he did that eased any discomfort haha. Hope everythings going well in life. I'll always remember you telling me once that you'll " always play runescape even when you die you will come back to life as your character playing runescape." I have no idea why I remember that, but I knew you loved the whole game. Me I just liked pking, and i had a lot of good times with a lot of people like you. God bless Kenny.
  3. Bro Good times. Sir justin pokey. Wow memory lane
  4. Kyle. What's up man wow lol. I'm good, I randomly think of rsc as well. Kdog3wa aka kenny, I remember us all being friends.
  5. Hey guys, so many amazing memories from rsc. Started as a freshman in Hs in March of 2001. And got addicted. I loved pking, that was all I did. Loved practicing my catching skills, and got really good at it at a high level. So many fun times, such a fun culture on the boards as well. My name was never mandie haha. It was suppose to be cool - Killer-man-die but everybody called me mandie. I wore skirts while pking so that probably did help haha. I hope everyone good, God bless you guys👊🔥.
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