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  1. Looks to me like you challenged people to a "no arm" duel and tricked them out of their money with the steel titan. 0 respect.
  2. Profit is a big thing for me...
  3. How about monkfish? ive heard good things?
  4. Well im thinking of going for 99 fishing and was wondering what is best to fish. I am looking for a good exp/hr to cash ratio, any input would be helpful.
  5. so whats the best gear to wear, i have 87 herblore for superantifires and other potions. Also for cash to spend i have around 20mil but i can make some more pertty easy if need be.
  6. 99 str for my next 99 should have in 2 weeks \ 1 con 27 hunter and 70 summon. As you can tell im not that much of a fan of the new skills.
  7. zf and exer in my views, was in both of them for a long time. both closed down tho
  8. We very much appreciate the help from SE, DF and Exer in handling the VR crash attempt. It is an excellent show at the strength of this community to see clans come together no matter what differences (obviously referring to DF) to tackle a common pest. Wait exer? are they back??? i used to be in them a long time ago but they closed down.... or is it just a copycat clan?
  9. Basically how many seconds does it take to respaw a hitpoint with and without the regen bracelet?
  10. wow man ive been watching you for a long time and this just amazing i say keep on getting more cats!
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