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  1. I was just wondering how to cancel a bank PIN deletion, thanks.
  2. I'd say no. I've done like 10'ish clues since the update, and gotten them all from jellies. I got each one within one trip (one inv of food), I reckon this is pretty quick, no?
  3. I got from 54-70 craft with flax and green d'hide bodies. The flax method is good, because you make a profit; the hide method is good because its much faster xp, and you get magic xp from the alcing. I managed to buy a lot of green hides at 1.5k ea which is a good price, and I had minimal losses per hide. 70 crafting worthwhile? I dno, I didn't do it to make profit, but since I've had 70 crafting, I've barely made any cash from it..though I haven't been trying...anyway GL!
  4. I don't really enjoy quests while I'm doing them, though I feel great satisfaction upon completing them, and enjoy using the rewards; eg. armour, travel options, new areas. My favourite quest was probably RFD because it was pretty long, and I was very happy to finish it and use the dark gloves.
  5. Thanks for the info. I think easter does the same thing for eggs too tho :?
  6. I've decided to give rs a rest for a while, and to invest in a rare. I only have ~11m in cash and items, therefore the only rares I could afford is a easter egg or pumpkin. (they are both ~the same price) I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to which would be a better investment? Also, I remember reading a merchanting guide with the price rises of all of the rares of the years. If anyone has any luck finding it or knows the link, it would be appreciated.
  7. I don't understand, I can read them fine. They aren't that small?
  8. Wow, by the look of your stats (very nice), I would have thought you may have known about the drags already. But anyway, I've been fighting blue drags a lot lately, and I found taverly dungeon very good. All you need is ranging gear (no food because there are safe spots for all 3 drags), and I take a games necklace to tele to rogues den and bank, then go back. I have 70 agil, so I can take the shortcut, but you should take a dusty key to get thru the gate leading to the drags. You may also like to take an anti-fire shield just to be safe, but I have found I don't need one.
  9. If you've done both, why are you asking others which one to do? Wouldn't you know yourself? Anyway, I've been hunting blue drags a lot lately in effort to get 70 range, and I think it's pretty good cash. I've also done a little bit of merchanting. I kinda enjoy both, but only merchanting when the item is in demand, and I am able to sell for a reasonable price. I don't like spending too much time merchanting, cos you don't get any xp. So all in all I prefer drags cos of the xp.
  10. yeah wtf are u guys on about, wats funny?
  11. Hehe, took me a while to see it, but yeah that does resemble a funny looking head.
  12. Thanks for input. I've started spinning flax, and don't find it too boring (especially after just burning 3k willows for 70 fm :P ), also got 1 lvl already :)
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