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  1. I'm the sure the Hex Editors will give it a go 8-)
  2. Edited into main post, ty. My little pet dog popped up and told me about GnR, but i missed the others being announced. Or should i say "axl and band" :cry:
  3. Hehe i was there '05, was too poor for any others though. Hope to run into ya :P although i wouldn't know who it is :wink:
  4. I loathe Cold Play after seeing them live and watching them reduce a 10,000 strong crowd of happy people into depressed zombies sitting in the rain. I appreciate they are good at what they do...ofcourse.
  5. Hmmm...not gonna do it out of skill...the ones i like most. 1. Tony Iomi (black sabbath) 2. Joe Satriani 3. Kirk Hammet 4. "Dimebag" Daryll. (Pantera... :D ) 5. Hendrix...although he's far too overblown, nobody pays attention to the "lesser" gutiar gods.
  6. Hmmm. Something called "Tubular Bells" i think, its like the alton towers theme, a whole album of it...i can't remember the name of the artist though.
  7. Macky14

    Bill & Ted

    Cheech And Chong Jay And silent bob So much better 8)
  8. I wouldn't quite compare that and download..:P thanks for moving (guessing it was you)...we have a forum for music and films now! Lah de dah.
  9. Well, i am 100% going now, i have my tickets booked and the lineup is starting to come together. This is the current lineup: Metallica (Headlining Saturday) Guns N' Roses (Headlining Sunday) Prodigy Clutch Deftones Korn trivium Bullet for my valentine. Hatebreed Lacuna Coil Within Temptation Inme Its a 3 day rock festival with over a hundred live bands! Still 2 more headlining bands to be confirmed, Metallica are headlining the saturday night, so two equally sexy bands should be booked also! http://downloadfestival.co.uk ^^^ Thats a link to the Uk festival, to keep a good track on the bands and learn about the festival. (not sure how strong tipit admin feel about links nowdays, but thats basically Kerrang, lol, safe as hell.) Greetz, Mack Will update when i find more out! i know a few people from these boards were their last year (as was i).
  10. But who's to say it isnt that? agreed that scorpion valley is boring.. but if there was a dungeon there.. man that would be fun :) Its also multi...Lurers paridise.
  11. hmmmm.... Possible to replace sharks?
  12. Lyk unce, i lyk aboosed dis bug rite? Den jagx lyk fixd it nd i lost my pixalz... Da End.
  13. thats my way, keeping it oldschool in the hut :D and dont complan about experiments being crowded, i think personally its more for pures then anything else since people who arent pure can endure hits more since they have defense. Yet 90% of the people there are over 80 combat and over 60 defence... I gave up complaining, so i just gave up training. If i want any kind of decent xp on my pure on use prayer pots at some random NPC (52 pray ftw).
  14. Too slow for all. Just melee on controlled to train 4 skills at once 8)
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