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  1. Making monkeys does seem like a very hard task, perhaps the closest u can get is making greegrees? ;) Anyways, if you have 10m in cash, you might want to try merchanting with that money while doing something like avianeses etc depending on your level.It would be a waste to let it just sit there... Also, put some in Kingdom management if you havent done so already, a little bit of cash flow always helps.
  2. runecrafting, even power runecrafting takes way more than one click for exp. Mining takes about 2 clicks per ore one to mine one to drop but the only hard part is dropping. I wouldnt mind staying in one place because if its tedious and mind numbing, id rather spend as little brainpower on it rather than run/tele from bank to runecrafting altar filling pouches etc etc which imho is worse.
  3. I think combat is the way to go; first of all, skills such as fm, fletching, cooking, etc are pretty much useless to train other than to get total up or cape. Besides, unless youre insanely high for a few select skills, u cant make money skilling, u have to pay money to train your non combat skills, as the recent tip.it article has shown. With combat, its free, simple, and profitable. It isnt about luck either; you can always fight high level monsters with conststent good drops, it doesn't have to be a visage or sigil etc. Besides, skilling was made for combat, and since u can buy materials such as potions and food cheaper than if u actually made or cooked them, combat is the way to go.
  4. Wow, this guide is very helpful and extremely comphrehensive. I've also read some other farming guides, also on tip.it but it includes things such as hops etc... How much better is saving time to ignore them compared to planting them for extra exp? Otherwise, very good guide, I'll use it for my goal of 70 farming :thumbsup: Btw, any specific profit or exp per hour calculations for your route/methods? Also some mistakes in spelling and grammar. 9.5/10 :thumbup:
  5. About the best luck I ever had was picking a green phat from some dead guy. Then i sold it for dirt because I was in a rush and it wasn't worth alot back then. Easy come easy go.
  6. Funny thing is, I've been for what...? 3 years? maybe more? Took about a month for me to get used to everything new, but I must say things such as items, quests, spells, etc can change, but most of the stuff and the people themselves dont really change. So 6 months isnt anything amazing, maybe some nifty new item here or quest there, but I can't say Runescape really has changed completely.
  7. Well first off, I was banned around 2-3 years ago for some stupid reason. (Perm ban for offensive language). Anyways, now I have my account back and members and things sure have changed. Aside from the dissapearance of over 10 mil of rune ess in my bank, the new stuff is pretty neat I guess. So now the question is, now what? I'm quite at a loss of what to do now with all this content; I'm a somewhat poor lvl 100 and I've tried to do some of the new things out but I'm not sure where to start. This includes quests, armor, skill training methods. I have a few mil at my disposal and 3 barrows sets, which makes up roughly all I own (and yes I've seen all my sets go down by like 10 mil) So.. any suggestions?
  8. After being wrongfully banned for 3 years, I have finally gotten my account back. But this was before the advent of pure essences. So when i logged on to see my bank, WHAM, all my 14 mil worth of rune ess was not there. Thus I need help or suggestions on what I should do, or should I expect these ess to be lost forever? Could this be because of a bug from being banned for so long? How should I contact Jagex about this? Thanks
  9. getting 400 more total lvl, do 50% of al member quests, make 20 million, and get 99 thieveing
  10. i like it :D but its sorta wierd how jagex keeps on trying to make the r2h better while neglecting the many many many other weapon types out there
  11. I think this is the saradomin sword also in the new update. Can someone verify? It looks preety darned close.
  12. Jagex should be improving current skills not making new half-hearted crap. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  13. i hate randoms because usually i dont pay attention since im surfing the forum, i go back and boom i get a random then i mess up and i get teleported halfway across gleinor
  14. i liked dagganoth kings better, more deathpiles in my opinion :)
  15. the only reason I will ever train firemaking is if they have an option to set someones house on fire :?
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