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  1. none of these updates have effected me in any way :lol:
  2. I'm going to attempt to translate these... I swear, if the world was populated by people like these, zombies everywhere would starve. STARVE, DANGIT! THESE PEOPLE ARE GODDAMN IDIOTS! Sorry. But they are. I think what noob #2 was trying to say is that he was skulled while at Death Plateau. :thumbsup: Then he froze.
  3. maybe this particular noob wanted to negotiate :wall:
  4. i want to see the gravestones, mainly because I want all these people whining and spouting their foolish theories be proven wrong. That and I like Lordkafei's 2nd quote mention: "Here lies an athiest All dressed up and no place to go!" Sounds good to me :thumbsup:
  5. My name was created for 2 reasons: 1. I never thought I'd last this long in the game 2. It is a dedication to my 1st ID (Thestanner) which got hacked early on (before the introduction of runite armor) The name is based off my old schools team name therefore The Stanner The 2 is there to say its the second on in the line of stanner names =) Man i wish i knew id have played this long then I'd have gotten a more creative name :boohoo:
  6. this topic reminds me of qeltars, except qeltar actually has something to backup his concepts and does research before he posts. What many people said here is true. like... WoW got ideas from somewhere else, modified it and used it to benefit their needs and the needs of their players. Someone else had the idea before the idea that WoW it from. Runescape got the modified idea from WoW who got it from someone else who got it from someone else, etc.... 123neopet probably hit it on the nose the best using a Harry Potter reference. In the end, it seems that if pantim ran things there would only be 1 MMORPG in existence and I don't think it would be Runescape.
  7. I think RS players have been given a-lot and players complaining all the time are the spoiled brats of RS.
  8. i have finished in 2nd twice to a lvl107 and lvl110 =( and now im stuck facing lvl 110-120's all the time now. I'm happy tourns exist though since now i actually go to the duel arena
  9. I see your point about people having huge egos thinking they can "own" everybody.... Pures have to win at any cost, even spend hundreds of hours getting your STR to lvl 99 :-w The more you "Own" the bigger the ego. :thumbsup: (until they get their report card at the end of the semester, where the teacher "owns" them :wall:
  10. Was addicted until my original ID was hacked (was lvl 30 something) a long long time ago (around the time rune was new) Became re-addicted again playing way way way too much, then left again. Got addicted again in May when i decided to get member.s since I missed quests). I haven't stopped playing since :uhh: At least I maintained my overall average at 89 :thumbsup:
  11. Your darwinian conception of how society should work is fairly hilarious. Does that mean if you're weak enough to get robbed and shot in the process, that you deserved it? And that people should say "thestanner2, what a loser. Couldn't even defend against a perp with a gun."? I'd love to see what would have happened if your parents decided to make like Sparta and leave you out on a cliff to determine whether you were strong enough to survive the elements. I'm guessing from your demeanor (e-hard) and attitude (ignorant), you'd be gone faster than I could say "society based on principles of compassion". You seem to be misunderstanding me. I do not condone people cursing at each other and calling each other names, but if you let it get to you so easily, where will it get you? Nowhere. There will always be some jackass in life who will make fun of you because you are fat, short, act foolishly, etc. I do not think I said anywhere that she deserved what happened to her either, she just let herself get overrun with emotions and her parents seemingly didn't take much notice. I believe it is the parents (closest guardian/relative) responsibility to help their child deal with the harsh reality of the real world. Note: I have no clue what e-hard is :-k
  12. If you are that weak minded to commit suicide over being called names online, well then go right ahead. If I were to commit suicide over being called names whether online or in real-life (has happened often enough), I would have done it hundreds of times by now. What is the world coming to when you hang yourself over something that insignificant in your life. The parents are partially to blame in this situation because they seemingly overmonitored what she did on the internet. If that doesn't lower ones self-esteem, I don't know much else that would. As for the connection between RS and MySpace I just don't see it. EDIT: If the parents knew of her past "problems" they should have known better that letting her go on MySpace, post her picture, and not expect problems to ensue. Therapy helps.
  13. This is a scam someone tried on me (a few years ago) which backfired horribly on them. I am in the northern part of Draynor Village when this guy asked me if i wanted a free rune long. I said sure. The way to get the rune long was a test of trust. He gives me his rune long (yeah yeah it was 32K at the time, I was poor). So he trades with me and offers up his rune long and we both accept, so now I have his rune long. Now he asks me to return his rune long and offer up my rune long at the same time and give it to him. If I did that then he would trade back to me both rune longs and I would get to keep them. Of course I knew this guy would log off before he would trade them back to me so I reported him and logged off keeping his rune long. \ His face must have been red when he royally screwed up his scam. :XD:
  14. bluerose13x (at least thats how i believe it was spelled) a true RS classic
  15. maybe for P2P but F2P usually has at minimum 1 person there Most Peaceful Place: Agility Course in Wild - if you get killed it will be a peaceful death 9when someone actually shows up there :ohnoes: PLZ don't come there to kill me :boohoo:
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