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  1. I also heard it could be flower related. Of course in my own search of translators I found Cho^`n to mean weasel. This is why I hate translators and people who think they can go from English to another language then back to English and expect to get the same thing they started with lol.
  2. Thanks for the help. I don't think that's the answer I'm looking for since it doesn't help me determine an item to find, but then again I don't even know what language it's supposed to be lol. Oh well I appreciate it. :)
  3. With this large community, I come asking for a little help in translation. Not positive of the language, but I think it could be Vietnamese. Would anyone know what this means: ÃÆÃâÃâÃ
  4. I guess I personally don't see the problem since I stick mainly to the AS forums and spamming *usually* isn't a concern there. If it's really a problem on the other forums, I would suggest more of a crackdown on those people that do spam. People are going to spam regardless of whether there's post counts or not. The only real deterrent is punishment. Of course then there would be arguments of favoritism etc. on what might be considered spam and why one person gets a warning while another doesn't, but that's why we're Mods/Admins...to be as fair as possible to everyone (regardless of post count and based on merit of posts). It may cause extra work in the beginning, but once the groundwork was laid, the spamming should reduce greatly. I can see how removing the post counts may actually add to the spam. If someone posts asking for something and gets a reply from someone they don't know, the original poster may post again just to ask others to post to say if they are trustworthy or not. Or if someone posts a link to something, there may be long discussions from different posters on whether the original poster can be trusted or not. Post counts can give a slight indication in these matters which could reduce the follow-up spam. Personally I see both sides, to an extent. Some of the arguments made are just silly while others have merit. Since there seems to be a compromise of keeping post counts but moving them to the profile, doesn't that seem to be the most logical way to go about this?
  5. You can only see new weapons when you level your character up higher. You also need a certain amount of fame to be able to see and fight for them. Go to the Item Arena in order to choose which item type you want to fight for, and anything you're qualified to attempt will be listed there. For a reference, check out this link that lists what character level and fame you need for each item. Bows work a little differently in that I think your range level needs to be 10 levels higher than the required character level, but this will give you a start to look at: http://h1.[ScamSite].com/weezcake/ARENAscap ... sFeb2.html
  6. Sure you can use another email if you want to. Using the same email was supposed to be an easier way to manage the accounts and kind of put them all together. But if you can use another email, that's fine.
  7. This is one of the things Silverion is trying to get working correctly with the new login and front-end to the game. I am having the same problem as you, except both of my accounts were already existing...I'm just unable to put them both on one email account and be able to log into them both. Silverion is working on fixing this, so you may have to wait just a bit to create your second character with the same email.
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