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  1. superdeathman444444 megakiller32 hausfrau666 hotchick949987
  2. Because it doesn't take long to break at all. A few minutes with a certain program.
  3. In the hierarchy of things to try in this situation, reinstalling windows would be pretty low down.
  4. What are you using to show the temperatures? Is there anything that can show a graph of how it changes over time? That could show if there's a sharp rise in temperature just before problems start occurring. I'd also suggest you post at a more technical forum than here. You could try forums.anandtech.com or ocforums.com - both have many more experts on this subject.
  5. If you're making a game using their trademark expect to get sued.
  6. Try finding ATI's equivalent of RivaTuner (which is for nVidia cards - afraid I don't know what the ATI equivalent is) and looking at the card's temperature to see if it is overheating. Post the temperatures here.
  7. You could ask the person that set it up. You could also set a new WEP key by accessing the router's web interface (usually by visiting, or Also, remember that WEP is not a good way to secure your network.
  8. I used to get chest pains sometimes, then I discovered it was just heartburn (which I hadn't experienced before) and that drinking a pint of water made it subside.
  9. Well why the hell did you post here then? Don't post such spam again. I have a cat. I don't know its breed. It can be seen on the 'post pictures of your pets' sticky. He's the very definition of 'cool cat', he's so laid back you'd think he was constantly stoned.
  10. How many times do I have to say it... :( he said he feels. misquote ftw? Total misquote indeed. It isn't whether he feels he needs it or not - its the fact that he said that isn't his reason for not caring. Interestingly, intentionally misquoting someone is in contravention of part 1.5 of the forum rules. So don't do it again.
  11. I'd love to implement that. Unfortunately I don't think I'd get away with it.
  12. [sarcasm]Being a mod means I'm no longer entitled to an opinion[/sarcasm] If someone's going to act like a zealot then I make a mental note not to bother reading their posts in the future. It just saves time. I will post my views whenever I feel like it. Being a mod doesn't mean I have to tiptoe around zealots. The others have already pointed out why I said that so no more discussion on it. Especially seeing as religious discussion is banned :thumbsup:
  13. This will never happen. Users would just end up creating argument threads then locking them to get the last word.
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