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  1. Thank you very much. I no longer need help.
  2. Dimension 4700 actually. Thank you for the replies.
  3. Well, I've been having some computer issues. Somewhere down the road to "fixing" it, I cleared all my partitions. I don't know much about fixing problems, so I took a big risk and got the downside. I cleared them to reinstall windows XP. Anyways, I now have windows xp, but all my drivers are gone, my computer doesn't recognize any of my devices. So there's no sound, my graphics card isn't recognized, etc. What do I do? Do I have to go to Dell (my computer provider)? Is there anything I can do myself to restore the drivers? (I can't get on the internet either. This is another computer.)
  4. I don't want to spend money on the full version if the upgrade version has the repair option, which I need. Thank you.
  5. People who hate America are simple-minded.
  6. Not sure where to put this. I used to use filelodge.com because you could store your files for free and you had unlimited bandwidth. I stored mp3 files. It's been down for a long time, so I haven't been able to use anymore songs for background music. I need a host that provides a URL so that I can use mp3s for background music on my site. Thank you.
  7. I have Windows XP. When I click "Turn Off Computer" everything freezes except the hour glass cursor. I can't click anything. So I've been turning it off by holding the power button, which I don't want to be doing. I've done nothing out of the ordinary to cause this to happen. It's been doing it for about a week. Anyone know the problem and how to fix this? Need anymore info, you can ask. Thanks a lot.
  8. Tap water is so nasty. I drink "drinking water" you buy in the store.
  9. 1. Unitarian Universalism (100%) 2. Liberal Quakers (95%) 3. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (95%) 4. Secular Humanism (83%) 5. BahÃÆïÃâÿÃâý'ÃÆïÃâÿÃâý Faith (82%) 6. Neo-Pagan (75%) 7. Theravada Buddhism (75%) 8. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (70%) 9. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (69%) 10. Jehovah's Witness (66%) 11. New Age (63%) 12. Orthodox Quaker (60%) 13. Nontheist (57%) 14. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (53%) 15. New Thought (53%) 16. Ma[racist term]a Buddhism (52%) 17. Reform Judaism (52%) 18. Taoism (45%) 19. Sikhism (43%) 20. Jainism (41%) 21. Scientology (41%) 22. Orthodox Judaism (35%) 23. Seventh Day Adventist (32%) 24. Hinduism (30%) 25. Islam (27%) 26. Eastern Orthodox (21%) 27. Roman Catholic (21%)
  10. African, Mexican, Irish, Native-American and probably something else.
  11. I played a bit on Bladefist and just decided I'm going to wait until the expansion comes out and play on a PvP server.
  12. I hold my breath for 10 seconds and it takes them away. Hasn't failed yet.
  13. I'm surprised that some people here want to move to America. I thought America was the most hated country of all. I live in America, and I am proud of it.
  14. If you're writing a book, wouldn't you feel so much better if you thought of it yourself?
  15. Miluion


    I didn't know him and when I read it, I cried. I don't know, it's like I can really feel people's pain when such things like this happen, and I care even I don't know them. I really, really hope you win, man. Don't give up, please....
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