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  1. Thank you very much. I no longer need help.
  2. Dimension 4700 actually. Thank you for the replies.
  3. Well, I've been having some computer issues. Somewhere down the road to "fixing" it, I cleared all my partitions. I don't know much about fixing problems, so I took a big risk and got the downside. I cleared them to reinstall windows XP. Anyways, I now have windows xp, but all my drivers are gone, my computer doesn't recognize any of my devices. So there's no sound, my graphics card isn't recognized, etc. What do I do? Do I have to go to Dell (my computer provider)? Is there anything I can do myself to restore the drivers? (I can't get on the internet either. This is another computer.)
  4. I don't want to spend money on the full version if the upgrade version has the repair option, which I need. Thank you.
  5. People who hate America are simple-minded.
  6. Not sure where to put this. I used to use filelodge.com because you could store your files for free and you had unlimited bandwidth. I stored mp3 files. It's been down for a long time, so I haven't been able to use anymore songs for background music. I need a host that provides a URL so that I can use mp3s for background music on my site. Thank you.
  7. I have Windows XP. When I click "Turn Off Computer" everything freezes except the hour glass cursor. I can't click anything. So I've been turning it off by holding the power button, which I don't want to be doing. I've done nothing out of the ordinary to cause this to happen. It's been doing it for about a week. Anyone know the problem and how to fix this? Need anymore info, you can ask. Thanks a lot.
  8. Tap water is so nasty. I drink "drinking water" you buy in the store.
  9. 1. Unitarian Universalism (100%) 2. Liberal Quakers (95%) 3. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (95%) 4. Secular Humanism (83%) 5. BahÃÆïÃâÿÃâý'ÃÆïÃâÿÃâý Faith (82%) 6. Neo-Pagan (75%) 7. Theravada Buddhism (75%) 8. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (70%) 9. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (69%) 10. Jehovah's Witness (66%) 11. New Age (63%) 12. Orthodox Quaker (60%) 13. Nontheist (57%) 14. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (53%) 15. New Thought (53%) 16. Ma[racist term]a Buddhism (52%) 17. Reform Judaism (52%) 18. Taoism (45%) 19. Sikhism (43%) 20. Jainism (41%) 21. Scientology (41%) 22. Orthodox Judaism (35%) 23. Seventh Day Adventist (32%) 24. Hinduism (30%) 25. Islam (27%) 26. Eastern Orthodox (21%) 27. Roman Catholic (21%)
  10. African, Mexican, Irish, Native-American and probably something else.
  11. I played a bit on Bladefist and just decided I'm going to wait until the expansion comes out and play on a PvP server.
  12. I hold my breath for 10 seconds and it takes them away. Hasn't failed yet.
  13. I'm surprised that some people here want to move to America. I thought America was the most hated country of all. I live in America, and I am proud of it.
  14. If you're writing a book, wouldn't you feel so much better if you thought of it yourself?
  15. Miluion


    I didn't know him and when I read it, I cried. I don't know, it's like I can really feel people's pain when such things like this happen, and I care even I don't know them. I really, really hope you win, man. Don't give up, please....
  16. Even if this is over, I want to post another short recording. http://www.sendspace.com/file/39nyl9 Tell me what you think, please.
  17. I would highly suggest getting one if you can. Our little guy was found along the highway with his brothers and sisters. Their mom gave birth to them and died a few days later. Luckily they were saved by the local vet and we got him for free :D He's only a year old and he's already as big as our five year-old shorthair. The vet thinks he's gonna be well over 20lbs when he's fully grown :shock: His hair is awesome, he's got a huge fluffy coat. Like the wiki page says, he has a big poofy chest, poofy legs, and a monsterous tail. He doesn't meow like a normal cat, he makes this strange "Hhhuuuhhhh???" noise instead. So cute. He's also extremely playful; his favourite game is fetch. We've got a bunch of little squishy balls we buy him and he plays fetch with us. Throw the ball down the hall or stairs and he'll run after it, pick it up in his teeth and bring it right back =D> Unfortunately we don't have a digital camera or I'd post a picture. He's all black with a white neck and tummy. He looks exactly like this: Here's a full body shot of a small female, notice the tail. She's not puffing it up because she is scared, they are out like that all the time: Yes, my decision is between a Maine Coon or a NFC. They are very similar, since Maine Coons originated from NFCs. I guess I can get whatever's cheaper? :P And yeah, I heard they're the dogs of cats (since they play fetch) and how big they get. :P Also, I don't understand how the process of a breeder shipping a cat to you would go (?).
  18. I don't have a cat anymore because she died at the age of 19, but I'm thinking of getting another one, a Norwegian Forest Cat to be exact. So what breed of cats do you own (if you know) and what are their behaviors? Also, if anyone owns a Norwegian Forest Cat, I'd like to know how they act and how affectionate they are. :)
  19. Miluion


    Get a Creative ZEN Vision: M, man. Comes in 30GB, which you can get on Amazon for $200 and 60GB, which you can get on Amazon for around $291! Slightly thicker than the iPod video, though, but it has more features.
  20. I wouldn't change anything, but I'd like to go back to the middle ages. :)
  21. Not counting the last one... \m/ :D Haha, it's weird how I listen to Black Metal, yet I listen to Country. They're, like, the total opposite. I guess I'm open-minded? He-he . . .
  22. God, you "metalheads" can never get it right . . . Children Of Bodom is NOT Death Metal. It's Power Metal with harsh vocals. Alexi does NOT growl and the instrumentals are NOT of Death Metal. Cradle of Filth is NOT Death Metal. It's mostly Black Metal/Gothic Metal. Lamb of God is Metalcore, which is crappy. Dissection is more along the lines of Death Metal.
  23. Not like anyone would know the band but Animus - 03 - Untitled. All of the "band's" songs are untitled, with no lyrics known.
  24. Black Metal Doom Metal Power Metal Progressive Metal Gothic Metal Folk Metal Viking Metal Speed Metal Folk/Neo-Folk Ambient Country
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