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  1. Could someone help me with auctioneer? I have two questions: 1. How do I scan only weapons [or any other single field]? 2. When using the enchantrix command percentless, can I set it so the returned items show up in the auction house screen instead of the chat so I don't have to scroll through the chat and type in every single returned item in the search bar?
  2. Have these been slightly nerfed or altered? Or am I the only one seeming to get less bars :?
  3. Yep, it's in there alright. And i even changed it to bold, just for you. :P Rofl, but try to keep the language clean :D EDIT: P.S. Section 4, towards the bottom. Fine :P, I edited it. Nice guide by the way.
  4. White Room - Cream. Now one of my top 10 favorite songs... I've listened to it at least 10 times today.
  5. Is soulja boy a serious song? I always thought it was a joke song... I really can't imagine anyone seriously listening to it, and how does "soulja boy" take himself seriously... If it is a real song, then definitely that.
  6. [dirtyjoke]I hope I never have the privilege of meeting a girl with a sword :P[/dirtyjoke]
  7. ...Something good? Honestly, I loved Halo 1 a long time ago and spent many hours in co-op with one of my friends, but I just couldn't get into 2 and 3 as much. I didn't even bother to buy 3. The third one just got annoying; I played H3 on live at my friends... It was absolutely horrendous compared to COD4, and honestly I don't know anyone at my school who prefers H3 online to COD4 online. I'm an absolute superfan of strategy shooters, and SOCOM 2 was basically the king of them all. Right now my fingers are crossed hoping a developer will develop and Microsoft will publish a SOCOM - type game. God, I would drop COD in a second if that came out for the 360...
  8. Did you get the visions of the future achievement? And if you did: Are you aware that they're making sequels?
  9. Unfortunately, that's what happens with many groups. I hate to use a cliche, but a rotten apple really does spoil a whole bunch in the eyes of the public.
  10. Yeah, when you're asleep and you wake up for a short while, a lot of times you won't remember something. That's natural, and it's not sleepwalking or anything, it's just that short occurrences between sleep aren't remembered. For instance, when I was a kid, I would get scared and fall asleep with my parents. In the morning, I would wake up in my own bed with no recollection of ever getting up, but they did get me up and I did walk to my room on my own. I guess it's sort of a subconscious, half asleep/half awake kind of thing. Like when you go to sleep with a pair of socks on, but when you wake up they're nowhere to be found.
  11. Girls vs Bronze Sword.... hmmm..... tough choice :P. Seriously though, just talk to her, it really isn't that hard especially since she sits next to you. Pretend to not understand something, and ask her to explain it, I'm sure you have some excuse lying around to talk to her. If you don't talk to each other, how is she supposed to like you?
  12. Yeah, I liked that ending a lot. I also liked the Assassin's Creed ending, which wasn't really an ending, but opened the series up to thousands of possibilities. The sequel could literally go anywhere.
  13. Yeah, I have to agree with that [at least modern day]. The one thing I probably hate the most is how all the "open minded liberals" of the world are open to every religion... except Christianity. If you open liberal newspapers and magazines such as the New York Times, the Rolling Stone, or Time, you will probably hear Christianity being criticized, as if it is not even a faith but some ignorant cult. However, if anyone dared pass a comment about Islam, the ethics police would be on them in seconds. Nothing pisses me off more than that, and I'm not even Christian. Sure, Islam does get slandered, but it's mostly by 13 year old kids who think that all Muslims are terrorists and he war in Iraq is the best thing since sliced bread. No one in the "liberal intellectual ethics community" would ever slander Islam. It would result in an immediate firing and articles [complaints] by Muslim authors for the next six months about how their religion is always slandered and how much difficulty they have in life. It's like when Imus passed a racial comment, America couldn't shut up about it for weeks. Don't get me wrong; I'm strongly against prejudice comments, I just think it's extremely stupid how the ethics police operate. Yes, people should get in trouble, apologize publicly, and get fired. I don't think we need incessant complaining about it.
  14. Oh then in that case, yeah, my school is the same as yours :|
  15. Ha, thats funny, because in my school its the opposite. A large student population does drugs, and mostly everybody supports the legalization of pot. One of our English teachers was [and still is] a hardcore Grateful Dead fan and hippie. A bunch of kids ask teachers what they think about legalization of marijuana [and other drugs], and they usually have no comment and won't pursue a random drug test. The other day, our history teacher told us that the only reason marijuana was outlawed was because tobacco companies were getting competition because people started to smoke pot, and they lobbied congress to outlaw it. [i don't know how true that is, but it shows his stance on the matter.] The other day, some kid was blatantly high during school [he smokes in the bathroom before school], and he just told the principal that he took too many sleeping pills, and he didn't get kicked out, or even drug tested. One of my teachers asked me to roll a detention slip some kid had into a joint for him, and then he pretended to smoke it. It's important to note though, our school isn't some crap public school where everybody knows nothing. We're actually one of the best private schools in the state, and we get good grades and have good sports programs, etc. We don't have any [maybe 1 time a year] fights either.
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