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  1. those guys are [bleep]s, being drunk is fun but being hungover is [cabbage]
  2. Yay I made it This flash I made is dedicated to you guys and is now on newgrounds tip.it owns vote 5 :) http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/286292
  3. Some favourites This is not - Static X Faint - Linkin Park Question - System of a Down
  4. acidcantdie


    Ok, coming up in a few months is my year 10 semi-formal. Everyone is wearing (smart casual) clothes, not me :D It all started when me and a bunch of friends were talking about how crap it is taht we could wear jeans to it (it said on the form what you couldnt wear) and I just came up with... dress up as a penguin and go. So now im hiring a penguin suit to go to my year 10 formal :) no joke, ill wear smart casual clothes underneath incase they try to throw me out but its gonna be worth it. The good thing is I get it for a whole week so im just gonna do stupid crap in the costume like swim in the lake, go skating with it on, buy canned tuna, im also gonna sit in the freezer at the bottle shop down the road so whenever someone goes to get something out of the fridge... ill be there Any other ideas what I should do?
  5. As everyone else says man, be yourself. It's when you start to pose and be someone else that you cant turn back, and when you really do become the person you pretend to be, you lose the more happier you. Dont get freaked out about talking to girls, if you be you your relationship will work more, you can act freely around her and she can be herself around you, and if you can click like that then your gonna have a good relationship. Plus... when you think your 15 and no girlfriend... dont think about you, maybe its the girls who arnt ready.
  6. Gamertag: DI Acid Main game: Halo 2 Level 25 in team slayer was level 30 until put with a good range of noobs 20 In double team aswell
  7. Just listed about 150 songs so they should be done when I wake up XD and dats just music from the first post... ill get through them all though!!! TEAM WORK GUYS :) By the way i forgot who mentioned alexisonfire but thanks they rock
  8. Ok you guys are right 20,000 heavy metal songs is a bit... odd POST THE BEST SONGS YOU HAVE EVER HEARD!
  9. Gamer tag: DI Acid The DI stands for Damage Inc which is my clan name at the spectre championships in brisbane (australia), this year were hoping to get in the top 5 Anyway I play halo 2... thats it Im looking for a good double team partner Im level 18 for now... So add me DI Acid
  10. Xbox 360 for sure... Just for the records, one xbox 360 game (halo 3) is so good they are purposly realeasing it on the same day as ps3 cause it can take out a whole console... Bad move you might be thinking? Bill Gates said it would work, though he is only the most successful business person in the history of man kind.. and the richest ill go with him
  11. I got an mp3... it takes 20,000 songs... i got about 100... so thats 19900 to go. I WANT THE BEST 3 SONGS YOU'VE EVER HEARD :) Mine are: My December - Linkin Park Scars - Papa Roach Faint - Linkin Park Note: I got almost every linkin park song so dont bother mentioning them
  12. acidcantdie

    Gas Prices

    ... 10,000+ people have died and now gas prices have gone up a bit WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME... get over it
  13. When you give up... your not making your chances of survival any easier... so dont.
  14. UPDATE Im offering prizes to all who can beat me look first post
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