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  1. The area where the dragon from dragon slayer is at, is back in there. When you defeat the dragon, the way you escape is to come through that door from the inside, after which you can go back and fourth through it.
  2. O.o when did this hostility towards high alchers come in? Personally, I like being able to get what an item is worth instead of a fraction of it by selling it too a store that buys for less and less as you try to sell the item. I don't have the patience to sit and sell at stores, and server hop when the price gets too low. I just wanna be able to spend a rune and get the cash. Not to mention there arn't even specialty shops for every type of craftable item. I agree that there is too much money in the game, but do you guys want almost no money in the game? Personally I'd like to be able to afford to buy new items every once in a while, which would never happen if they took high alch and low alch out because it'd take 5 times longer to earn the same amount of money and nobody would wanna drop their prices.
  3. I've done plenty of quests that were pains, but as far as actual difficulty, I'd have to say Desert treasure, the monsters you have to face in it are reeaaallllyyy strong. The ones at the end of recipe for disaster are pretty tough but not as bad. So my vote goes to desert treasure, but Mourning's end part 2 and Recipe for disaster are very close.
  4. Personally I think Jagex has gone overboard on trying to suck money out of the economy. I would dare say that a person could easily spend 50 mil making a top of the line house, if not more. That is ridiculous in my opinion. With most skills, any person can work on it and eventually get better at it. With construction, you HAVE to have money, and to build anything decent, you HAVE to spend a lot. I thought the prices of adding monsters to dungeons, new rooms, redocorating, plank prices and relocation were expensive...then I went to buy some limestone when I hit 33 construction so I could make stone fireplaces, and I looked at the price of marble, gold leaf, and those magic crystal thingies and nearly fainted. Irl marble is not THAT rare, and gold leaf is just gold that has been slowly thinned out by being pressed between rollers. It's not that much more espensive than regular gold because the real value is the gold itself, not the process of making it into leaf. Why should it cost 325k for 1 marble fireplace or 130k for a rug? I have some other minor gripes with construction like not being able to choose placement of furniture, or not being able to add and remove doors(which has made attempting to lay out how I want my house in advance, a nightmare and will result in my house being funky shaped). However I like the skill itself for the most part. Having your own little part of runescape is kinda nice. However....I just can't excuse the prices of some things. It destroys the continuity of the game by making certain items cost wwaaayyy more than they should. The cloth they introduced for construction is a perfect example. They're 650 each but you use the same darned cloth for a poop colored brown rugs as the most expensive rug you can have. Also, at 650 each, they're many many times the cost of a piece of silk, which can be bought in al kharid for a few gp, yet silk is a far more rare, expensive, and desirable fabric than some random type of cloth like wool or cotton. As I mentioned before, the prices of gold leaf and marble are off the wall as well. I can understand the high prices of adding new rooms. Even the expense of dungeon monsters makes sense because who would want to trap and transport a hell hound for cheap? Construction is expensive (although that begs the question of why the starter rooms are so cheap, but the higher rooms are ridiculously expensive when they're the same size and they're all empty when added), irl building an addition to a home or a new home is over 80 dollars per square foot now(2000 square foot house = 160grand not including property). So anyway, my point is that while carpentry is a good skill, it could've been better and I think it would have been if Jagex had focused more on making it a fun reward for the more advanced players, than on trying to suck every last dime out of the RS economy. In my opinion, you shouldn't sacrifice continuity and game balance in one area to make up for another shortcoming somewhere else.
  5. If you mean the dragon scimitar, yes, you need to complete the monkey madness quest to wield it. It's a rather difficult quest so be prepared before trying to tackle it.
  6. Desert treasure is a very hard quest, I did it with signifigantly higher stats than yours and some of the monsters beat the tar out of me, all that kept me alive was super sets and sharks, i spent like 150k doing desert treasure between sharks, super sets, super restore pots and other supplies. If you do what the quest guide says, you should be fine with the legends demon though.
  7. If you didn't know, a dueling ring is just an enchanted(with lvl 2 enchant) emerald ring. You can probably make some yourself.
  8. xyrec

    Quest points?

    I did the bonus part of rag and bone man anyhow. I guess it is supposed to be 216 though, so that answers my question.
  9. Today I finished my last quest. Previously I had thought that the max number of quest points was 215 and a new quest was just added yesterday that gave 2. That should make the total 217, but when I finished "In Aid of The Myreque" today, my total is only 216. Is this correct or is there some way to get an extra quest point that makes the total 217?
  10. xyrec

    Dust devils

    I think the generally accepted number is 1/5000 or 1 in 5000 odds of getting a chain every time you kill one. However, that doesn't mean if you kill 5000, you WILL get one. Like someone said, you could get one on your first try or kill 20k and never get one. It's all just chance and it's totally random.
  11. This is apsolutely, positively, the dumbest thing Jagex has ever done. Not only is this a huge annoyance to a lot of players, it is totally unecessary. I'm sure the majority of people who have accounts here do not use the same pass for their rs character and if they do, it's their problem to deal with. Why inconvenience hundreds of players because of this crap? Fortunately for me, my forum name is not the name of my main so after finding out about this utter bull, when I logged into my main, all was fine. But then I thought....what about that account I made out of boredom by this name on f2p. I go to log in it, and it's locked. I don't think I even set personal details, or recovery questions for that account since I use it so seldom but dangit, there goes like 250 total level and like 70k worth of stuff i had accumulated on there.
  12. Yes, it has to be the full set(including the weapon, which are all 2 handed weapons) or they're just plain old armor or weapons. I think the repair cost is actually 330k for the full set and if you repair the items when they arn't fully broken, it charges you less in proportion to the damage. If they're barely damaged, they won't cost much to repair. If they're almost broken, they'll cost nearly 330k to repair.
  13. xyrec


    It varies, but most people can get all 4 pouches in less than 2 hours. I think it took me about an hour. Just plan on 3 hours so when it takes less, you'll feel better about it. :-P
  14. xyrec

    close pls

    .....The update message on the runescape site explains it perfectly. Now when people on free servers mine essence, it will be regular essence. On P2P, if the person is over lvl 30 mining, they will get pure essence. The regular essence will only be able to be runecrafted into the elemental runes. Pure essences will be able to be made into any of the runes, including chaos, cosmic, nature, and death. This isn't even in the right thread(it's a question, not a rant), could a mod please relocate it or lock it, one of the two?
  15. xyrec

    I quit.

    Well good luck in your new endeavors but I can't say that I really understand. I don't think I'll ever completely quit runescape, I'm sure I'll just continue playing in spurts and then taking breaks as I have been. I can't imagine just giving up on it after all the thousands of hours of my free time I've invested in it. If I'd put that time into a college degree for instance, I could be graduated by now. To me, it'd be like building a project car and then deciding when I'm close to finishing that I'm tired of it, and just pushing the car off of a cliff. I think that's why a lot of people want to sell their characters when they move on even though it's against the rules. They don't want to feel like they just poured all the time down a rat hole. Also, WoW doesn't really seem superior to me. The graphics are a lot better from what I've seen but no MMO really has that good of graphics when compared to console games and such. To me, the improvement in graphics isn't worth 50 dollars plus 15 bucks a month. Runescape's graphics are actually pretty poor but you have to keep in mind that it's a java game and it's actually pretty good for what it is. The game doesn't eat up all my system's resources(even for a 3 year old computer) so I can multi task, and it's contained within a window, rather than going full screen, which makes multi tasking much easier. While you probably loose a lot of the kids you just end up with immature adults and worse, people who think the game IS their life and take it way too seriously. Some friends of mine play and one of them got kicked out of his clan because he was busy with finals and couldn't be on as much to make runs. That and I don't think the changes runescape has gone through were for the worst. I was very resistent to rs2 when it first came along as well but I've eventually grown accustomed to it. There have been discussions before about how rs2 makes things too easy but I don't see repetitive clicking that makes you go through mice faster than toilet paper as being related to the difficulty level. Ah well, that's my two cents on the matter. Best of luck.
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