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  1. Because, if they didn't they would be happy in real life and not Runescape. Am I someone who is...?
  2. Gets a noob following you everywhere asking for money. {inserts 35$} (I better be getting something good!)
  3. You swing your axe at the tree. Its name is Durial321. It drops lots of rare items instead of logs. You sell them for 80 million coins. You buy full rune and every rune weapon available. Repeat.
  4. Because Runescape has servers in Japan. What is it?
  5. ONLY in heavan, and maybe a McDonalds somewhere How did Bill Gates get so much money?
  6. First, this does not involve a members feature. Second, in the volcano dungeon thing in the FREE area of Karajama, with the dealy red spiders and lessers, there is a place that says "Open Wall" and it is a stone wall with a door- like outline. There are lessers on the other side, and I would like to get through with out doing this: :wall: Every time I try to open it, it says "Nothing interesting happens" or something. It doesn't say anthing like, "This can Only be Attemted on amembers server" so I am assuming that F2P can use it. I see others going in and out, so I'm wondering how to. Please help. =D>
  7. I think it might be near the Chasm Mine in Al-Kharid. Mabye a little bit south. there is a ton of open space, and there is a bank not to far away.
  8. Does anyone think of F2P. When was the last time we got a new quest. The hardest quest we have is dragon slayer, and that is the only hard quest. :wall:
  9. i am a f2p player, and i am proud of it. Has anyone ever heard "It's just a game" Well RS is just a game. As good as it is, I don't see the point of paying to be able to kill more creatures (Slayer) or to make potions ( Herblore) or to do anything else that only members can do, and ( no offense to anyone who cares about the rights of F2P) the only reason P2P think they are better is because they get to pay in order to play the game. I currently have about seven accounts, and not one of them is a member. I am proud of that and I despise all P2P who think only of themselves. As it has been said many times, "F2P is the game; P2P is the extension"
  10. I am on kind of a tight budget. I'm level 44 and am trying to get to level 55 at least. My armour includes a zombie shirt, steel square shield, and a steel med helmet. my weapons are a blurite sword and a mithril mace. I would like to know which weapon on which creatures would be the fastest way to level up.
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