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  1. I'd say your best bet is to come to the server on Saturday. (come to both... to double your chances) Awesome! Always good to see someone from way back when!
  2. Is this a good idea, everyone else? Cause if it is, I'll switch to the german servers... let me know.
  3. I tried giving away money and its taking way to long... tell you what I'll change the first post to reflect a party at the hall... for this saturday.
  4. Ehh well i guess ill just log on and give out the max i can to each person i run into... I'll be on server 59 for the next hour if you want money or some items... my character name is tapdawg
  5. Party room could work, do you guys know when most people are logged on?
  6. are you serious, wow alot has changed in the last four years... what are the options then?
  7. they need to do this same feature... but with the age of your character and the creation date of the character.
  8. if by rushed you mean it took 4(almost 5) years to finally finalize and bring out... then yes it was a rushed job.
  9. i dont want to hear another mac pc war... i'll just say this: Use macs for professional art work (ie photo and video editing) Use pcs for entertainment purposes
  10. Combat- 95 Total- 1391 Highest Skill- Fletching 84
  11. funny i never read in the rules that only kids could play the game... Jagex made it for young and old... hence why there are numerous refrences to movies and other jokes made before the majority of the children who play this game were born. This game isn't made for children age X and under... its made for all to play and to enjoy. :^) with that said im only 19 lol
  12. The Old Nite and his wife are both in hteir late 40's early 50's and both are extremely good playes (old nite is #2 and his wife is in the top 100)
  13. I like how most of the names sound like other things :P
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