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  1. I was going off the results of 3 people. Myself, I got it on the first. my friend who got it on the second, and my other friend who got it on the first. So that's about... 70-95%.. But i'm suffering Sleep Deprovation and a few not-so-nice drinks.. Not a mix to be triffled with... then adding maths
  2. I'll be the first one to laugh when a Rune Minotaur Bull rushes you :P Just playing around with the Kalphite, Scorpion, Bronze Minotaur and Vampire Bats. I've seen some Normal hit's for over 12. I'm talking about Combat 35 Monsters, with 20-36 Summoning needed. Once someone can summon a Hydra, Spirit Dagganoth, Rune Minotaur or even a Karamthulhu Overlord... your doomed :
  3. Pretty simple. There are coupons that a Mogre is giving out (his Name Is Nourg/Norg/Noug.. something like that), These coupons can be cashed in for Baby Crabs. Being as dumb as (M)ogres are, he doesn't think too hard into how you got it. So it's time to get one! There is a place near Port Sarim called 'MudSkipper Point', at this place you can throw Fishing Explosives into the Net/Bait Fishing Locations. -DO NOTE: This requires a certain slayer level and a small mini-quest to unlock the ability to use the Mudskipper point- The Mudskipper mogres you summon have a 70% chance to drop this Coupon, so just kill 1-3 and you're all set! Now the easy and possibly annoying part. Go to Port Khazard with your Diving Gear (And pray you didn't throw it out.) Talk to the guy on the docks and ask to go diving. -DO NOTE: To access this area you need to of started the diving section of Recipe for Disaster- Once your under the water, goto a large pen of Crabs and talk to the Mogre 'floating' infront of it. After a small Conversation. POOF! PRESTO! , You have a Little Baby Crab ps: I'm sorry that i'm not very good at explaining this sort of thing, lets just hope i never write a Tip.it Guide.
  4. Well, About an Hour ago i obtained the Baby Crab. Thanks to a good guy i met in Seers Bank, the name of this guy i wont say as that would cause the next 10 people who want a crab pet to Bombard him with Questions. :shame: if you do have a question on how to get a Baby Crab, Pm Aussy321 in game or just post here i guess.
  5. Hmm, I need to get one of those Crabs. I'm about to level 40 Summoning then i'll head over and get a Crab : Once it's fully grown i'll post it, unless someone beats me to it
  6. Let's Not go too off-topic to the level factor of Summoning, there are threads already for that. but to answer your question, i'm not sure how much it cost. I just went to Giant Rock Crabs with a full inventory and some Slayer darts sometimes. When i was done killing those i'd just spend my Charms and hope for a decently high level. and time wise: It's been one Day since i started summoning, bit less. On-topic please :roll: *enjoys having a semi-boastable Summoning level*
  7. Once your 30 Summoning, you can talk to the Penguin Keeper at the Ardougone Zoo. he will tell you that the Penguins are laying too many eggs to keep there, so he offers for you to take care of one as your such a good person with Animals. (Your 30+ summoning when he is talking to you :wink: ) Then just put it inside the Incubator, wait a while. and check for your hatched Penguine! Refer to my Sig for the look of a Baby Penguin if your yet to see one.
  8. There are many Pets, with many Adult Stages of Growth that are rare to see. I've just recently (within the last 15minutes) obtained an Adult Penguin. If you have Pictures of Rare/Uncommon Adult Pets, Post some Pictures. -If this violates some Rule, or there is a Topic that covers this, Close it or Tell me please- ~Aussy321 ps: Just leveled 39 Summoning : (2:57pm Thursday, 17 January 2008 - East Australian Timezone)
  9. Good to see that god war dragons had 2 heads and no bodies : Does it breathe fire like other dragons? I wouldn't imagine so seeing as though it is based on players. [/hide] Dragonbreath shield Dragonfire* Hey, I'm talking in the clanchat of that picture \
  10. Just wanted to say, Look at my Signature. Got my Penguin. on topic: I went there to kill black demons, impossible with the damn dogs
  11. I hate those Dogs. next, tell me when Fire giants and Black demons arn't aggresive to you. Then i'll envy you... more :
  12. Yes the Summoned Creatures Attack. Majority at least. There are some Skiller Creatures that don't fight at all, but as i said, majority do fight. (Fight) Titled Creatures in the Knowledge base have the ability to fight with normal melee. a Creature will only ingage an Enemy if the enemy attacks you or it. There are 2 Current Creatures that have a different way of working, The Pack Yak and Unicorn both don't attack unless it is to defend themself. Creatures have Normal Melee (some creatures don't actually melee as some range or mage, but you know what i mean), They also have The Specials that can be Combat related. Alot of the creatures also have an "interact" that can be combat related. Some give farming but the combat related ones can be very strong, The Toad for example. You can 'load' a Cannonball into the Toad, and Right click the toad to Choose for it to Fire!. You now can have portable, pvp-abled Cannons. if you want a more detailed response, Refer to the ever mighty Knowledge Base on the official Website -Aussy321
  13. Saradomin Owl, You need 70 Sumoning. I :lol: at the people who spent weeks collecting eggs, when you only need 1 egg and you need 70 summoning for it :XD: To get 1 God Cockatrice Pouch it takes 1 Coloured Egg. You get a Blue egg for example, and summon a spirit snake. The snake then turns the Blue egg into a Saradomin Cockatrice Egg, of which is needed to make that Pouch. So 1 pouch = 1 egg. I don't laugh at them, i envy them ps: The same thing applies for Raven eggs and Vulture eggs.
  14. Until you get ganked by a team of 5! Fun in a team, but horrid as a solo pker. Only a team of 5? :roll: Every day, every world. You have at least 2 people recruiting a Team. And they never stop recruiting till they have 15+. Only 8 or less get a spec in before your dead. :uhh:
  15. Agira, i wasn't being serious.. I was making a joke I am more than aware of the Meaning behind that Saying. Although, one must think. It's easier to give something than spend time helping someone to understand how to get something themself.
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