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  1. I disagree, claws were overused but prod weapons are fine, they get you the good loot. People that dds to be hip can go back in time if they want.
  2. No need for turmoil at 94 combat, no one will fight you using ss, which means no smiting, which means no good kills. My next vid i'll be 70 def and prayer so maybe you'll like that more lol
  3. Ok the second one is fixed, idk how to make it show like the first one though x_x Hopefully this hasn't thrown everyone off, gimme some likes!
  4. Fixing the second video now, it had copyright issues, tried using a song that's too new I guess? Don't trust the links than you must be new to the interweb because that's what youtube links look like :D If you're that paranoid you can just search me on youtube.
  5. Hey, first 2 vids so the editing is poop, but the loot is nice and I tried so give me some likes and comments :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_o56ooqI4xQ&feature=youtu.be&hd=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0vooIkqYfw First try at commentary here, tell me what you think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7XIkDBQEvU New commentary with def.
  6. weird ever ytime this happens a few k people take forever to get kicked. Who the hell are they?
  7. This happens wayyy too often, I was pking so I'm hoping I still got mah ags >.<
  8. To pk in main gear with a low combat level, obviously. Thattt kinda proves my point of it being just like pking on your main. I don't consider 105+ low combat.
  9. Do that ^^ There are plenty of supplements out there for weight gaining, though the huge selection can be a bit overwhelming. Look online for some reviews and run on down to your local GMC. If you don't want to take that road, try chicken and rice burritosss! I make my own like 5 times a week, flour tortilla(carbs, calories),white rice cooked with a small amount of butter(carbs like crazy and good calories), and plain grilled chicken breast(great protein, and greast tasting). Add some salsa if you like, believe it or not the stuff is good for you in moderation. If THAT doesn't work then maybe try skipping some rowing practices and chillin' in front of the computer :P Also bro try power lifts, i.e. benches, squats, dead lifts. These lifts will release extra testosterone in your body and work virtually every muscle, they aren't fun but you'll learn to love em'.
  10. I sure do. I'm 6'1-167 pounds and I'm in pretty good shape. Overall though I'd love to add more muscle, I've gained close to 20 pounds since this time last year so i'm on the right course, but i've sort of hit a peek recently. As far as fat people go..man, I don't get it. when you hit 200, you know it's getting bad, at 250 it's unacceptable, how you get beyond that I don't know. Fat people are a strain on society and our health care system, get off your lazy ass. Beyond Parter-Willie syndrome and thyroid problems there are NO excuses for being fat. keep in mind, I eat as unhealthy as any other 20 year old, but I EXERCISE. You don't have to starve yourself or live off of diet foods, you just have to be a little active. Yeah it's harder for some people than others, but when is that ever an acceptable excuse for anything?
  11. Stay zerk my friend, you've worked hard on this. I don't really understand 70 def pking accounts tbh. If you wanna pk on a main...then pk on your main x_x;
  12. You and others probably don't wanna' hear it, but go zerk. It's a great money maker and it gives you a good few options of pking styles. Make sure to plan out the def xp from quests, don't just go out and train straight to 45.
  13. Honestly on a normal day like 5-15? It depends on how long you pk, and I members pk which means every fight tends to end in SOMEONE dieing so maybe I get more than normal. Either way, no kills in 2 days is unacceptable, you need to re-think your technique.
  14. Honestly since you already have some def i'd go ranged/melee. 90+ ranged and str should own in f2p.
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