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  1. iv got alrdy on, but iv tryed to bring it on topic but 4 som reason it wont let me, or im doing it wrong hmmmm but any way rate my sig :D
  2. if u r u gotta check this place out, it is pretty cool but it needs more members and they do great sigs :D go and check it out at: http://s8.invisionfree.com/Street_GFX/index.php?act=idx its pretty sweet :D
  3. ok i dl kazaa and i dl photoshop 0.7 but it dnt work 4 som reason :(
  4. no way kazaa [bleep]ed up yor computer and how can i dl 1 wen i cnt find 1 thats y im asking on here
  5. can som1 tell me where i culd a program like photoshop but for free??
  6. it wont work!!! can any1 explain y??
  7. hey ppl i need a kl evil looking sig ;) background: black with evil looking fire. Writing: evil looking font saying 'Rossexx_The_Vallrue' and i need dis in flashing plz ' Join Army Of Darkness' or just aod and army of darkness under it. extras: A evil looking balck dragon and a evil looking warior. cheers ;)
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