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  1. Hmmm well what i think on all this is, well if jesus was found in this tomb, then well unlucky to christans that their faith and their religion is a fake! But like most people are saying there is no proof that they can identify this jesus to be *The Jesus*. But if Jesus wasnt't there then it would be a whole different story wouldn't it? I mean, it be claimed as a sacred place for christans to go and pray, im not in any religion, but i grew around christainity and to be honest i've never thought much about stuff like that, but i like compareing my views to these kind of things! And also you say mary is supposed to be there to, and Joseph and another baby(or kid) but wouldnt they been buried years before Jesus, died and 'rose to the heavens'???
  2. yeah man sorry, but it is really like minotures just tweak it and bada bing bada boom there u go! it could be a big hit
  3. its ok at the moment but you've rushed it to much but part from that its gd just try not to rush it
  4. gd gd u should carry on writing, your pretty good you just need more practise
  5. erm you didnt ask a question so bah!!!! Why do i have to leave my computer so my sister can go on even though she is very annoying??
  6. erm right its ok i guess but this is also like minotures but just a tad different i guess the plot is different i can already make that out
  7. You swing your axe at the tree. but you just keep swinging and never hit the tree
  8. what is what? :P How could portugal beat england to knock us out of the world cup!???
  9. erm no not to be honest because gaia online is massiave man it would take years to beat that and plus gaia online would have to be dead or something
  10. A Prime Minister can stay in office for aslong as he/she wins a General Election. A General Election is held every five years. Provided a PM has the support of the House then he/she can stay on for aslong as they want to. i think its four years but erm yeah if he/she wins the election or they don't get kicked out by the queen or something(that would be quite funny to be honest)
  11. true but then again the world as we know it is about 'helping others' so i think thats why he fights for people's lives and also he is in the army and he can't disobey orders
  12. oh rite erm ok well come bk as soon as you can m8
  13. so far so good but yeah you do need to keep the death toll down but then again i like it the way it is :P
  14. nice keep it going its just keeps getting better and better and i like the way the void knights switch sides when there is a advantage.
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