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  1. I stopped playing a few months after the grand-exchange because I simply found the game was losing my interest. After a couple years out of runescape I found out that one of my cousins still played occasionally. In an effort to talk with her more ofter I started a new runescape account since my old one was fraught with member's items. Originally I played this old one simply to talk to my cousins, but soon found myself returning to tip.it. After reading the recent Tip.It times article about needing an intervention I realised the reason RuneScape had lost it's fun years ago was because I felt like if I wasn't constantly skilling I would fall behind some of my friends that were playing, and that maybe the enjoyment would return if I made sure to go for the more fun aspects of the game! With this motto in mind I re-subscribed my membership on my old account for a month for a test run of dungeoneering and other new features, and put my playing of Fallout: New Vegas and Civ4:FFH2 on hold. By the end of the month hopefully I will find out if this is still worth my time and money. I was immiediately overwhelmed by the amount of new things and realised some of my old training methods and money-making methods were out-of date, and that I lost the community feeling I used to have playing with my friends (since they had stopped playing too.) What are some of the more fun things added to the games, and what major changes have been made in the past couple years, and what's the best way to meet other players who enjoy the things you like and gain a sence of community again? Thanks for all your help, and hopefully this next month will prove that RS is still worth it.
  2. Minoture Runescape Fiction The Lost Journal of Islar - A tale in three parts, the first (completed) of the god wars, the second (currantly being written) of the god wars dungeon, and the third (future addition) will not be reveiled for fear of spoilers. Dramatic Meant to Live - A dramatic short story about a group of teenagers after the loss of a friend, written from multiple points of view.
  3. I see what your doing, but perhaps there could be "alternate routes" if you don't have the correct skill level. Also, if there's more than one person that has a high enough level maybe make things go faster? EX. The group comes to a hallway blocked by a grove of yew trees with only 2 rooms left. For some reason no one in the group has 60 woodcutting, so the group has the option to burn the forest with 60 firemaking and less of a reward (it was burned with the forest after all!). Perhaps you still don't have anyone that can do it, so you take a side-route through a group of level 110 trolls that all have to be defeated, after deafeating the trolls you now have 3 rooms to go. ALSO- Dungeon obstacles shouldn't be confined to just that dungeon level. Imagine how quickly most people could make it through levels 1-50 with ease. Perhaps the lower the dungeon level the smaller the length, or the less danger. EX. Failing to cut down the forest right the trees fall onto some teammates. In a lower dungeon they might do 1-2 damage, while at higher level dungeons they do 15-25 damage. Or instead the higher level the dungeon, the less "side-routes" you can take. Coming to the forest which requires 60 woodcutting in a level 30 dungeon may allow you to climb around the trees with 60 agility, in adition to burning it and taking another route, but at level 90 leaves the group stuck and having to retrace their steps to find a new path.
  4. Looking for excuses to play runescpe? Perish the thought! People watch Saturday Night Live even though it dosn't teach anything, it's fun! I personally thought this was more of a half serious thread, no need to go making fun of it and becoming all serious... your the man and the man is bringing us down.
  5. It would be very difficult to impliment and would probably lead to major lag in some cases, maybe make it a higher level prayer/spell/quest item?
  6. Personally I think it leaves to much room for abuse, and that the point of slayer was to draw traffic AWAY from the monsters that everyone trains on. If I had the option I would train on Iron and Steel dragons all day, but then so would everyone else, causeing the brimhaven dungeon to be overcrowded, making it less effective. Slayer is fine the way it is.
  7. Actually I think the Torso, Neit helm and fire cape have better stats then full rune, and are harder to get... which is exactly why you should lose them when in BH. Torsos DO have more uses than PKing, charm gethering is definatly a good use. Most charm droppers are lower levels that don't hit you at all, so you wear the best attack and strength bonuses to kill fast and get more charms.
  8. I know that, that was just a side note. Anyways, I guess you guys appear to be right for now, but D longs will still be the choice weapon for newer PvPs, so it will live on! Not that I really care, I think I used a D Long for a week before I realised that whips and B-Axes are the way to go. Switched to D scim for a week, went back to wihp and B-axe.
  9. Ah, poor misguided soles, attempting to go for power before profit, when will they learn. Get 41 Summoning then make a ton of Macaw pouches. Make 2/3rds of these pouches into scrolls, then go train a skill that dosn't require to much inventory sapce (thieveing, agility, hunter, whatever). Summon the macaw and every minute use 1 scroll. The scroll special ability is "Herbcall" which pretty much gives you a free herb every minute. My first time using the macaw I made 40K off of it (that's taking out all the expenses). Now that dosn't sound like alot of money at all, but remember, you can do this while training other skills, and making money other ways. It's pretty much bonus cash, and requires very little work to make the pouches and scrolls. That's an example of a lower level pouch making a little money in addition to whatever you're doing, and that's the key to summoning, everything is IN ADDITION TO what else you're doing. Granite Crabs fish bass for you AND repay their secondary 5-10-fold. Vampire bats act almost like a fast hitting poison, constantly hitting 3's. Magpies... well they're useless. Honey Badger scrolls work like a mini-Dragon B-AXE spec. Summoning can be very profitable, if you know what pouches to make and what to do with them.
  10. Ya... I kinda stay away from the role-playing server, it seems like fun but I don't want to get sucked into another D&D incident...
  11. I won't make fun of anyone for it, but my only opinion on it is this: BE CAREFUL I know I had one friend who's RS "girlfriend" turned out to be a 10-year old who wanted free gp, and that's the best case scenario on bad things. I see nothing wrong with it if you've met the person in real life though.
  12. 12678 Jack flash sat on a candlestick cause, fire is the devil's only friend...
  13. Isn't "as that would be more correct" be a statement inside of the question?
  14. I somehow need to get into the wallaskies at waterbirth island but i need someone to help me get on by standing on a pad.
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