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  1. I love my house, definitely worth the 40m+ that I used building and redesigning it. It's also wise not to have your garden(s) surrounded by your house, because I know many people we screwed over by the new room.
  2. My obnoxiously over sized tie, aka the Zamorakian Stole. I've had it since the release of them, even though I wasn't even close to wearing it. Whenever I've died with it- I've recovered it, even before gravestones.
  3. All I can say is that this works. Very well.
  4. Well there's always the small chance that it's a voice bubble for voice chat.
  5. Well ... now just think of all the quests you can do!
  6. The problem with beta servers is that it completely ruins the surprise of a game, because you can't stop people from taking pictures of it, spreading every last detail they can drain about the content, and it just all in all ruins the surprise.
  7. As a rank 130 something, I have to agree with you. I have played many people, and defeated most of them, at hoard with basic strategies and have gotten chased down and insulted because I "wasn't playing the way the game says I should". To me, all this game shows is how smart people really are, because they can't simply hide behind a combat level, they actually have to think about a strategy that will work. Compared to the Command and Conquer games that I'm enamored with, this is a very simple game. It doesn't mean that I'm the best at it, but it does give me some background information for strategies. Instead of listening to people that have some idea and know some strategies, they flame quick retorts that either express their true demeanor or make them look like idiots. It's all quite frustrating, to be honest.
  8. It would work better if you're character did something different, but didn't move from the square of his death. Something similar to different ways of falling, stumbling, and the likes.
  9. My main is actually my second account because on my first one I couldn't get out of the Draynor Manor, so I decided to start over. I didn't go into that mansion until I could teleport out. :P
  10. If it started out like that, everything would be ok. However because the market of bolts, armor, and ores have revolved a slow rate of rare ores coming into the market, this sudden outburst of them would flip a good portion of the market.
  11. I'd say this because everything is working fine for me.
  12. Does anyone know if you can enchant rings such as the ring of wealth? Or it is just plain rings.
  13. Let us add our Mobilising Armies uniforms to our Player Owned House's costume room. Preferably one slot for each color.
  14. If anything, we need to be able to add more items to our quest hall, not combine locations.
  15. Here's my verdict: Conflict - 4/10 - A tutorial at best, it really takes minimal strategy to defeat any opponent. Having two death dots and placing them on special terrain pretty much makes you invincible. Yes, some of you might say you can counter this, but most others cannot. Siege - 6/10 - Too much micromanagement, but besides that it's pretty fun. If units that collected rocks continued to collect rocks after dropping, then the player versus player aspect could be done without failing to keep your catapult at maximum usage. Hoard - 8/10 - My personal favorite, simply because it's where the 'distractor' special unit is best played. This is one mode where every special unit can be of serious use though, and with a quick start and simple strategies I am able to defeat my opponents before they get 60,000 gold in their ships. Rescue - 8/10 - A good game, but I feel the map is too small. A larger map (with the same about of TzHaar spawns) would cause thieving to be more of a challenge and require strategy to do. As of now just sending a few quick units when you're five TzHaar from winning ends the game. Overall Minigame - 7/10 - As from what I can tell of the rewards, the very high levels one will be quite good, which is why I'm saving all my reward funds. As JaGex said, they can either improve on what they have or try something new and go with it, and this wasn't a bad first try, considering they had to flex with a completely different camera and your ability to control more than one person/unit. Ideally their next Minigame based off this type will be much better.
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