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  1. hey im on this but i don't have time to do anything part from say im in lol but when im on nxt, hopefully 2nite ill make my char and my intro k cheers! (sorry i can't do it now but it took to god damn long reading all from page 1 :P )
  2. lol i dn play runescape but having a fantasy story like that with nukes hmmm nah it doesn't go well, and plus going into the future and bring back a widescreen tv and a xbox 360 erm could work but still itn doesn't really fit in. and you did the chapters to short.
  3. hehehehe nicely done :P Resident looked at Xarosen, "Should i attack?" He thought over to Xaroson, "No we don't know what he is capable of and plus he has a very rare aura around him i would like to talk to him." It thought back. Rossexx did a little smile showing his pure white teeth, and it gave everyone a cold chill down their backs apart from Xarosen who was studyingg him. "If you wish to talk to me higher being than talk! I don't really have paitance for the likes of you!" His face widen into a cold grin as like he took joy, while Xarosen's face was in full discomfort. 'How could he broke through my mind barriers and without me knowing! I don't like him already.' "Then we shall talk, but where lesser beings can't listen because if you are who i think you are, than i shall have have some very sacred questions." Rossexx held his grin and his eyes turned dark silver as he knodded and walked forward to Xarosen. Resident was about to walk forward as well but Xaroson shook his head. Then he started swirling his hands in roatation and started forming a big bubble out of sound that surrounded them both.
  4. you should have a look round arenascape stories because there are quite a few really good stories there and i could submit a few because i write fantasy stories.
  5. yeah i wasnt sure about that part, but hey there's no harm of trying lol
  6. Erm hey i'll join! Name: Rossexx De Sylandros(Also known as 'The Blood Prince' Race: Blood Elf Age: Unknown Weapon: Gunblade(Silthas), Shadow Magic Location: Unknown Home Land: On the plane of Earth, the grand kindom of Alsandros(named after Rossexx's great grandad who was the founder) History: Rossexx is a lone soul, imortaltiy has been cursed upon him by the gods for trying to destroy them when he was young and prideful. He thought the gods were trying to control their very lives as insects to do their bidding so he brought up a very powerful army and he managed to learn Shadow Magic(which is forbidden for a mortal to handle) and he crafted his own special weapon, the Gunblade he made it with alot of shadow magic and prayers of the gods themselves(which no one but the gods know why they aided him) and it was called 'Silthas' in the langauge of the blood elfs but in common 'Shadow Blade' No one knows what happended to him after he failed to destroy the gods in 'The Chronic Wars' the gods took him to their halls in the centre of the universe. No one hass seen or heard of him, but the legend says one of the few blood elves left is named 'The Prince of Blood or Blood Prince' The boy stood there and glared at Resident with a cold smirk. He looked into the boys eyes and saw nothing but pure black. In his mind he could hear Xarosen warning him, but he didn't take any heed, 'i'll show them what i can do' he smiled while his eyes darted across the trees to see anyone else, then he closed his eyes and tryed to sence anything, he found something but it was gone and he felt a slight pain jolt in his mind, and he quickly broke off, he opended his eyes and stared at the boy. But then he heard something a flutter of robes and his eyes caught a glimpse of red, he started to unsling his illusion bow but the boy was dead, and standing over his body was a being covered in a blood red cloak with a hood covereing his head, all he could see was darkness in the hood and two bright silver glinting eyes.
  7. erm hey ppl i havent really come up witha name for it yet but if you lot like it and you could help me name it and plus ill add more in!!! [Prologue editted out ~azn] Chapter One: Sizo Like a goddess she stood there on the stage singing that beautiful song, the back singers were also looking stunning. It looks like they sold out every ticket, itÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢s a full house. A young lad rolled of the glass roof and back on the rock roof of the dome. The boy was about the age of 15 years, he was a flexible lad and was very fast. He looked at the edge and ran forwards it, he did a hard shove from his right foot that touched the edge, it lifted him into the air and slowly he fell to the other building, as he rolled landed he grinned as he turned and looked at the gap that separates the two buildings. The gap was pretty big, but not that big, you probley could just fit a small house in it. The boy yawned and ran over the rooftops of other buildings, forwards the poor district. He occasionally stopped and slipped into a couple of windows and then he will slip back out like a shadow, and his pockets are a little bulgy every time he comes out. He finally reached the poor district, and where he jumped from one building to another across a large street, the building he landed on there was a trap door, he walked over to it and knocked 3 times and then mumbled, ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ãâ¦Ã¢â¬ÅShadows are just like bladesÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬ÃâÃ
  8. well like i said i anit been to some of them, but GFX Grim or X Factor Gfx are the two top sites(well in my opinion) and they have plenty of users, a few of them have just been made so thats probley why they have hardley any users ;)
  9. Do you mean you want a mod to sticky it? well that would be nice
  10. yeah and can this stay on the first page plz, i just wnt 2 help people out
  11. hey guys, this is a list of GFX websites where u can join and ask for sigs or avatars!! X Factor GFX http://s4.invisionfree.com/X_Factor_GFX ... p?&CODE=00 Grim GFX http://invisionfree.com/forums/Grim_Graphics/index.php? If Design http://invisionfree.com/forums/ifdesign/index.php? Riverb Graphics http://www.angelfire.com/blog/reverbgraphics/ Bashs Domain http://s8.invisionfree.com/bashesdomain ... hp?act=idx Street GFX http://s8.invisionfree.com/Street_GFX/ Anime Gamers http://www.anime-gamers.com/forums/ RuneScape Discussion http://www.runescapediscussion[LikelyScam]/ Bullitt Forums http://www.morning-orbit.com/vb Sy Designs http://www.sygfx[LikelyScam]/ Illusion GFX http://s8.invisionfree.com/illusion_gfx/ CCZ Chit Chat Zone http://s4.invisionfree.com/CCZ/ Paranormal Disproves http://s4.invisionfree.com/Paranormal_D ... p?act=site The Taverly Dungeon http://mortell.net/runescape well they are the ones i know about, some of them i don't go there but some are pretty good :D enjoy!! (and also they are always up for new staff!!)
  12. i sorted it out and iv got a new 1, so rate 1 to 10 ;)
  13. damn it ave to change it now
  14. yea it is a bir shabby but i like it lol and the slogon is, Need More Souls At The Story Forum.
  15. Q10_ross

    Free sigs...

    cool yor pretty gd man, keep praticsing and u will better ;) gl 8)
  16. do you rate everything? he didn't ask for a rating... no i dnt i thought he said rate it k my bad
  17. erm guys iv just got photoshop 7.0, iv looked around and i dnt know how 2 make my own background, so who ever has photoshop7.0 can u help me plz(i kno its a dumb qeustion)
  18. ok sorry but thats just crap sos 1/10
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