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  1. You got your power gaps in the wrong places, Gladz and TD are equal strength, and DI is much stronger than both of them, and they are both much stronger than BK. Nope, Gladz got beat badly by TD in last war. DI barely won against TD in war today. Hes right. I agree with it all.
  2. lol? its like the simplist animation to do in imageready.
  3. Dunno if anyone remembers me. :oops: Dont expect me to be around much eithor, just popped by and decided to post that. If anyone cares. :? its for sale too. just pm me if your intrested dont bother making offers on this topic.
  4. 1] DI 2] ZF 3] Gladz 4] TD 5] MK 6] BK 7] Anarchy 8] TRWF 9] "The" 10] RSF 11] DS 12] RR 13] Jagz 14] TE 15] LC
  5. Its a 3d max render. Im horrible at naming stuff so i normally just think of something that sounds cool. :oops:
  6. Top half looks real. Bottom half looks like a 5 min job. :? That is suppose to be dirt?
  7. You can rate it on Deviantart here: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/17005023/ 3D Max Render with about 3 hours of photoshop play'n'round. Wanted to make this wallpaper size but it just looked like crap on the top so i cropped it off. I like how this turned out. Tried pink/purple for something different and new. Since i mostly just do blue. Comments welcome. My username on deviantart is Vanaka so i put that on almost everything i make.
  8. no cause thats basically spam. But i agree. But then again, lots of times i look at stuff and dont feel like replying.
  9. render + text pl0x Atleast its not a brush rofl.
  10. well if you havent boughten it yet, take the time to check out my sig shop: http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=184125 Might get a little better quality for your money.
  11. *sigh* Competitions, 99% of the time there just a big joke. Waste of time. You said to me on msn that none of the others were the style. Well what in the hell style did you make? Utter cow crap? Cause thats what it is.
  12. See, this is why i normally dont enter competitions. DUnno what i was thinking when i entered this one. Of course hes going to pick his friends banner, no matter how much better others are. (Not saying mine were great, cause they werent)
  13. Its the result that matters not how you make it. :? Its nice, i like the pink 8) .
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