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  1. Clan name: Myriad Clan website: Myriad-clan.com Clan leaders: Shrimpson, Ayala Black F2p clan cape: Green P2p clan cape: Team-39 Number of Members: 60 Average hitpoint and combat level: 82hp 99.732cb Type of clan (skill or pk): skill Recent War Record(3): none yet
  2. You revived a 9-day dead thread (awsome thread btw)... :shock: ~komodo I couldnt stand to see it die, I remember when it was a wee thread of four pages long :cry: They grow up so fast.
  3. Be this thread dead? :( I was having fun looking at this weird creatures evolutions.. elephant one was awesome.
  4. and if it was, why did you go and blab it? Wouldnt it be a more clear cut war if people didnt know it was going on and tried to loot? Think before you post please?
  5. At least some people gave me tips, thanks. I think I'm going to go look at my banana tree in catherby and see how it looks like.. Border: I think I have an idea for that. about the eyes, i'll try the dot thing, and i do think the arms look a little messed up.. I would've done a body, but so far I am pretty bad at making a good pixel body, so Ive stuck with stick figures and try to keep my designs simple.
  6. I know its bad, i said constructive critisism, not rate.
  7. Okay.. Ive been fiddling around with this idea after I got a jingle in my head for the first time in forever, heres what Ive done so far [not much..] Im having trouble shading, im trying to make past that line a tropical ocean, and in front of it sand. CC and advice please, or if a good pixel artist would like to take it up from here and finish it out for me I wouldnt complain as long as the finished work was given to me, so far I'm pretty miserable at pixels :(. Hey, Im good with stick figures though! :lol:
  8. I am collecting ranarrs in game so i can hunt metal dragons, and i was gonna fix it after I did that. Its not very good for a pixel, I pretty much suck at this right now, I have absolutly no concept of shading on paint. Okay I fixed the leg. I think this is the best I can go for this sig, I might just make a whole new one once I figure out what I want . With the edit i am sticking with the same name of the file and just trying to get photobucket to recognize the change so it might take a little while..
  9. Hm.. yeah I see what you mean. After I get a few more ranarrs I'll edit.
  10. Mods you can delete my other thread, I think its pretty much done. I tried to make my first sig into a pixel and this is what Ive come up with so far, I have no idea what to make for a backround yet, and I should probably resize the text.. Edit: a question, is there like a program that most pixel artists use to make their sigs, or do they just use the basic paint that comes on the computer? Thats what ive been using.
  11. oh btw.. how do i make a 'proper' pixel? I wouldnt be making these if I could make a pixel one.
  12. I went to bed last night and while I was trying to get to sleep I thought of plenty of things I could fix on that second one.. although I dont see what is wrong with the head of the flag holder .. or his arm @[email protected]
  13. I'm not so sure I'm as happy with this one as the first one, but heres my castle wars one, I think it really needs some cc.
  14. yeah, i saw the sig you are talking about and it was one of the three that i saw that was like this and i decided to make one. Hm, Im going to start work on my castle wars one, i got a few ideas.
  15. Thanks :mrgreen: Im thinking about making another one simple like that [i cant make really good pixel ones @[email protected]] with a castle wars theme.. If I make it [i still have some more thinking to do on that one lol] I'll show you guys how it turns out :D
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